Firo's Direction for 2022

Good day, FiroFam!
Earlier today we released a blog post on which covered Firo’s direction for the upcoming year 2022 which can be found here

To summarize

One approach the team is exploring is the potential of Elysium being a way to bridge assets such as ERC20, BEP20, and others so that users can enjoy private transactions and cheap fees. Furthermore, they are exploring using masternodes in conjunction with this to be part of the bridging process to reduce our reliance and dependence on other chains while providing a new way for them to earn income besides the block reward share.

The next approach the team is pursuing is ensuring the interoperability of decentralized bridges or multi-chain DEXes. An example of this is the FiroDEX, and the team has been in talks with other major projects to continue building along these lines. Another approach that is being explored is creating whole new chains on other ecosystems such as Avalanche, Symbol, Horizen, using our Lelantus Spark technology while ensuring that existing Firo long-term holders do have a share on these new chains. It is important to note that this will not affect our core team as with the new projects would come new teams, ecosystem funding, and research respective to their own chains, while allowing direct integration without needing bridges!

Regarding blockchain consensus, Firo remains steadfast in the use of Proof of Work as a way to maintain decentralized distribution, especially when combined with masternode consensus which solves two of PoW’s biggest issues which are quick finality and the danger of 51% attacks. The two largest arguments against PoW is that it is bad for the environment and that Proof of Work isn’t scalable. The Firo team rejects both arguments - you can read the reasonings in more detail in the blog post. The team has no plans to change consensus mechanisms at this time and will continue with the hybrid Proof of Work system as this achieves a good balance of security, scalability, finality, and decentralization which is fundamental to a privacy chain.

September 2022 will be the 2nd year since the Founder Rewards have ceased and Firo promised there would be a check-in with the community to evaluate the Development Fund from the block reward. A key part of this is defining the role of the core team along with exploring alternative funding mechanisms such as the Firo Crowdfunding System or a potential Firo MAGIC Fund

We would like to know what the Firo community thinks of this! Are there items you disagree with? Which items do you agree with? What things do you think could be improved upon? Please discuss all of it in this thread!


Yes, electricity can be generated by renewable or non-renewable means, depending on the producer. But what is the energy efficiency of Firo’s hybrid proof of work system? Is each unit of energy is fully utilised in securing the blockchain?

Is POW heat wastage during GPU mining is the necesarry evil to keep the network decentralised when compared to POS?

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Maybe Firo can compare POW mining with gold mining and oil exploration. It takes time, energy and money to find the right place. Sometimes, it can return empty handed. The energy used in POW to find the right number is the necessary evil to keep the network decentralised. Even primecoin, created in 2013, that tries to use the network to do useful work of crunching prime numbers, has left in obscurity. Similar to Gridcoin, that tried to use the grid computing network (that crunch the numbers for medical and space research) to mint the coins remains a small cap coin today. POW is the necessary evil to create scarcity and economic benefit the community. Just my 2 cents.


Can you explain it in detail?

This is spot on now lets all help when we can decipher how the Tartarians or Tesla connected to the Ether or atmospheric energy. They used towers on everything in the past before been replaced with crucifixes. Yet many of these copper/mercury antennas and domes still remain it is fascinating the more you research Tartaria and how their buildings are destroyed by war and arson but much remains.

I would really like to mine a canary token of FIRO on skynetOS on Sia, this could help FIFO in the long term for experimental solutions in a non auditable space. For example have community clusters setup on the Skynet Portal for 1 million max supply per 1000 person community. Using Selfkey code to create Vaults for each person that are limited to mine a maximum of 1000 token per month value pegged to a ton of Rice or Wheat. Plenty to survive on and share with their family. Securing the network using LoRa that way the poorest of people can participate and the wealthy are limited per address using SelfKey like Vaults that are whale proof and with FIRO technology hidden on top of the Skynet on Sia.