Firo YouTube targeted ads monthly budget

Run a targeted ad campaign using Youtube with a budget allocated to it monthly from the CFC.

A monthly marketing budget I believe should be enshrined in the CFC in order to greatly improve the awareness of the Firo blockchain and the privacy features and Technology it has developed. We want this ad to be targeted to Cryptocurrency audiences and privacy focused audiences. The use of promoters I believe is ineffective and just a general advert is the way to go for now.

Having this factored in to the CFC’s monthly budget, I believe will make planning and facilitating other proposals more easier as a marketing allocated amount has already been set. A snapshot of the adverts effectiveness should be put in the CFC chat at the end of every month.

Targeting 2000 Firo to be allocated monthly from the CFC budget of 9000 Firo to go towards marketing via social network ads. TikTok and other social media networks can be considered if successful.

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This is a good idea though should be also mindful that the core team is also requesting funds to cover shortfalls.

Do we have anyone who can run these campaigns? We don’t have any specialists in the core team currently for ads.

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You would have to run these campaigns from the main Firo YouTube channel so it has the look of authenticity.
Essentially you need a 10/15 second video clip, deliver the message in this timeframe and where they can go for more information.
The budget required can also be flexible dependant on market conditions, I believe the cost is per view and once your budget has been reached, the campaign ends.
You can set the start and finish date for it to coincide with important development improvements of the project etc meaning you can pick and choose when it goes out.

we just do not have the money unless you fire some devs

The cost I believe is $0.01-$0.03 per view.
The monthly budget is flexible depending on market conditions so you can set the budget to what is appropriate with regular discussion in the CFC on a monthly basis.
I believe a long term structured marketing strategy is what the project desperately needs. Marketing of the project has a similar level of importance of the development aspect and is essential for the future of firo.

I’m in support of this but as mentioned, would like someone to offer to assist to run these campaigns for Firo rather than a core team member.