Firo will die for less exchang platform

there is only 2 exchangers now. seemly firo will fade away in interner.there is few exchang platform with firo,the situatinon is very dangous now.
no exchang no life for firo.
we all do anything to get exchang platform for firo.or no body know firo till to die in the net.
please ,please,please. fundcround.

we must do something

Which exchange would you like to see us on? Its better to look for good exchanges. Better quality exchanges will perform better rather than quantity.

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Also please do not spam the forum. Thank you :slight_smile:

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no exchange platform no life for crybcurrence.
firo is distributed by exchange or it will die for few exchange.check for exchang
we can fundcolleck to be on exchang.

Coinbase would be a good start


I seriously doubt they will… I’ve spoken with some of the guys there and they have HEAVY US restrictions preventing them from listing anything even slightly controversial.


I think maybe we should try if it is possible to apply for a listing on FTX!

This is to me an interesting place to be. SBF is a kind of genius to me, this exchange could clearly become a leader in the near future. Crowfunding can be used to fund listing or a part of it.


it is maybe a good idea.we must do some thing to put firo on exchang to let more people to kown it.

every one please take look the site
to check exchanges.
how dangur firo is

SBF? never hear of, could you elaborate and tell whats genius about it?

i’d further like to throw in tradeogre, which is a relatively small exchange but it has fans of several privacy coins. the are us-based, wish they’d transform into an decentralized exchange.

Sam Bank Friedman. We’re on their radar but yeah we need more volume and interest.