FIRO UNDER 51% attack?

Hey, just check poolstats and look like FIRO is under attack.
Please analyze and provide info.

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Thank you for keeping an eye out, NbunnyPT!
The first layer of security for the Firo blockchain is actually through the masternodes with LLMQ Chainlocks. LLMQ Chainlocks use masternodes in quorums to sign and checkpoint blocks. Thanks to this system in order for a 51% attack to occur the attacker would either have to command enough masternodes to overwhelm not only the masternode network but also to take part in and dominate each of the quorums that are randomly generated. Assuming they were able to do that, or take down the entire masternode network, they would still need to pursue the 51% through mining. At the moment everything is fine on the masternode front and LLMQ Chainlocks are active so no 51% attack is ongoing.


Thanks for the heads up! Echoing @DinkBlitz nothing to be worried about but we have our eye on it.


Do you have any idea how much this could cost the intruders?
Not a good idea.

Hi @Kinetex welcome to the Firo forums.

Firo uses a hybrid consensus mechanism which requires an attacker to both take down the masternodes AND gain majority hashrate. 51% attacks are always a risk on pure PoW blockchains which is why we utilize masternodes that prevent re-orgs once a block is chain-locked which is typically done within a few seconds after a block is found. They would need to disable masternodes and only then can they re-org back to the last block that isn’t chain-locked.

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