Firo Turkish Relief & Aid

As you are all undoubtedly aware at this point, Turkey suffered a series of severe earthquakes recently and continues to see aftershocks even now. Kartal, who is the CM for the Turkish community, and I have been reaching out to two organizations to try and have Firo added as an option for cryptocurrency donations. Unfortunately, so far, this has proven to be unsuccessful as we haven’t heard back yet. These things take time.

You can find out which cryptocurrencies they currently accept donations from here: Cryptocurrency Donation for Earthquake | IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Türk Kızılay | Crypto Donation Account/Wallet Informations

Please reach out to them via these links Contact Us | IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Türk Kızılay | İLETİŞİM to ask them to add Firo to the list! The Turkish Red Crescent also has a Twitter account, so if that is better for you, reach out to them here:

Obviously, people need help now. Therefore, in the interim, Kartal has offered to accept the responsibility of taking on donations of Firo to use to buy needed items. Kartal will be providing invoices for what he buys with donated Firo, photographic evidence of those purchases (items), and will provide videographic/photographic evidence of its use and distribution whenever possible (limited use of such in certain areas as well as needing the permission of people being photographed or recorded) The addresses provided by Kartal will be kept entirely transparent so that everyone can observe for transparency.

Firo: aNG9vThKDtgk4tsQsanZaXQk3oEPh4cKDb
wFiro (BEP20): 0x98fa80991d4a34b24c0c602cdc6d8faf5e343f76

Items that Kartal will be primarily focusing on: medicine, food & baby food, blankets, and wood-fueled space heaters

Please provide anything you can, with whichever avenue is best for you!


Really hope we can show some solidarity here :slight_smile:

Obviously I personally prefer for an organization to handle the donations to avoid any accountability issues but since Kartal is on the ground and able to accept Firo, if community members are okay with it, I have no objections.

Some issues are with smaller items where it may be difficult to get invoices.


Kartal received 15 Firo in donations and headed out to get supplies with them! He took photos as promised!


Hope you doing ok Kartal!


1Firo. This is a small token of my appreciation.


Thank you, zqj! Every little bit helps!


I still haven’t been to my house, I’m staying out

Kartal received more donations. After his previous distribution, he talked to people that were in need and shopped according to their needs.


I will try to reach more people when more help comes, thank you all for your support. Thank you for being with us in these difficult days.

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The weather is very cold, my family and I have moved to a safe area, but aftershocks continue. Some members of my family became ill because of the cold. I believe we will get through this.

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The amount of support is not important. It is important that we act together and together. The world will be a better place when people support each other.


The latest aid Kartal picked up with Firo donations. Sorry for the long wait, Kartal is not unaffected by the earthquakes. His house was damaged, his family has been living away from their house, and he has been helping with efforts in Turkey. Because of all of this, Kartal was busy with such personal matters for a while and did as soon as his time was freed up a bit.

In fact, on Kartal’s behalf, I have asked him for a separate receiving address to send him Firo to help him out if you can! After all, he has been providing his time, effort, and using his own resources to make this happen! Anything you can spare for Kartal is much appreciated. The receiving address is: aHhKpFMy1VFNJoovMs2ZbebdhmxzYRFxqR