Firo Research Update 11 November 2022

Wanted to give some updates on what our research team has been working on.

Spark Assets

TL:DR: We have improved the Spark Assets protocol so that all assets in Spark Assets are indistinguishable from each other and with FIRO as well. Meaning they all look the same on-chain!

We have made a significant improvement in the way Spark assets work. Lelantus Spark is our upcoming privacy protocol and Spark Assets is the successor to the Elysium tokenization layer that allows tokens to be created using Firo’s privacy mechanism.

Previously in Spark Assets (Spats), Firo was treated differently from other Spark assets so that Firo transfers will be identifiable vs other Spark assets. That meant you would have two anonymity pools, one for all Spark assets and one for Firo.

With the new proposed change, Firo transfers and Spark asset transfers are indistinguishable from each other making one global anonymity pool for all assets on Firo.

Fees for transfers are all paid in Firo still giving Firo utility for the Spark ecosystem

Ongoing Research Tasks

  • Explore alternative consensus mechanisms for stronger censorship resistance. Masternodes currently require a fixed IPv4 address. We may consider enabling IPv6 support to assist with this as a stop gap.
  • Investigate better ways to bridge assets from other chains into Spats. Possible Layer 2 EVM?
  • Exploring funding and monetization opportunities for our Aura voting system: Aura: private voting with reduced trust on tallying authorities