Firo refunded by dev, now shows firo sent to wallet were sent back out

I need ajay and rube to confirm if the 548 i was refunded had been sent from the wallet you sent the funds to. im still downloading the blockchain. my internet stopped working and i had reinstall the os. I searched explorer and it now shows 2 transactions. Am i reading this correctly that someone sent my 548 firo somewhere?

Hey Thomas,

The funds that were recovered were sent to a new wallet that you created.

And you anonymized your coins.

so they are still in my wallet at the address you sent them?

Ajay, rube so sorry. This has been driving me nuts and I’ve had so many attacks from hacking lately. Didn’t mean to freak out. I thought my funds got sent out because when viewing the explorer it somehow wasn’t showing the lelantusmint alias. I am so damn grateful you guys got this resolved for me and and so glad i’m behind this coin. it will be #1 in years to come. the best drive this path like firos. thanks


It should be in your wallet. We have NO access to your new wallet. This is a new wallet that you have newly created.

Please use only QT wallet. Do NOT attempt to open on mobile wallet.

I was just seeing if you were able to tell from the explorer. It said 0 total but didnt know if that was from lelantus. From the link u provided. Im still dl blockchain

2 hours til sync ill let ya know.

It seems its in your wallet already as you mentioned it in telegram
I believe we can call your case closed.