FIRO QT Wallet Hacked

Had a friend call me and told me his FIRO QT wallet on Windows had been hacked and emptied. Anyone else have any issues lately?

No. Has your friend been communicating with fake admins or fake team members that offer to help?

The only way that scammers are able to get your coins by getting your private key. They fabricate an story to make you think there is something wrong with your wallet and send you a link that instructs you to follow by dumping your private key into the said website.

As long you tighten your wallet with a passphrase, no one can get to your funds. Even if your PC was stolen.

He said he reinstalled his wallet from the seed and he forgot to re-encrypt the wallet with a password. He installed some bad software which probably stole his wallet.dat file that was not encrypted. Lost if all. The software he said that was the Trojan was “Driver Reviver” from: reviversoft (dot) com.

Wonder if FIRO can/should make it mandatory to force the user to encrypt the wallet with a password if there is not one, or at least throw up a nag reminder to do it each time they open their wallet…