Firo-qt / Ubuntu : UI window too big

Hi devs,
With Ubuntu (don’t know for others systems), the Firo-qt UI window is very big and and it’s really awesome. With small definitions, it is almost unusable. You may think that nobody uses small definitions anymore, but it actually happens quite often. For example in the case of virtual machines.
This problem does not exist with Bitcoin-qt which has always been able to stay at the same small size.
Could you go back to a smaller window size like bitcoin-qt?

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Thanks for the heads up, Zen. I passed it up the chain to see what can be done :+1:

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Our developer has been assigned to this thank you.

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Hi, yes this is a problem in Ubuntu. However, as I recall the workaround I used was to press and hold the Windows key (assuming you have one) and this will allow you to click on the window and move it around (it may be the alt key depending on your version of Ubuntu)

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Thank you for he tips.
Yes the Window key allow to move the windows (you see all the windows of all applications in all open desktops).
This closes the app and doesn’t get stuck with the app open.
But this does not allow to navigate in the FIRO window: the solution is to reduce this window.

In the wallet latest version ( changelog it’s written “Fix UI size in Ubuntu #1210”.
I’m sorry, but there’s no change for me: the window is the same size as the previous wallet’s version, so still way too big for a small resolution, unlike bitcoin-core.

Could you try grabbing the linux-binaries from and let me know if the problem persists?

Please backup your wallet before trying.

Hi @anwar ,
Sorry, but I don’t see any downlodable linux-binaries link in your linked page.
I probably don’t understand this page : can you explain where I can download the binary ?

I think you need to be logged in to Github to be able to access the downloads. The linux-binaries is at the bottom of the page and should be linkable/clickable if you are logged in.

Indeed the links were not clickable until I was logged in: so I created an account and I was able to download the file.
I installed the wallet on a test machine with Ubuntu 22.04 and 1366x768 window.
The wallet no longer overflows the screen, so it’s solved and I thank you.

For information :
1 - The wallet always occupies more space on the screen than Bitcoin-core, particularly in width.
2 - It is mainly the 4 big red buttons that take up a lot of space (overview, send, receipt and transactions).

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The fix has been merged and will be available in the next release.

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Cool, thank you :slight_smile: