Firo Philippines (Community Manager) Resume

Hi everyone,

I’m Lemar “Luke” Briones from Philippines. I am a Community Manager(CM) in Zcoin Philippines since October 2019 and now rebranded to Firo, now Im back and love to share all what I read and understand about privacy coin Firo in Filipino Community.

The amount of FIRO is based on what my wage was in previous per month. I can work 8 hours a day and even at night I can still share news about Firo in Filipino Community by Telegram and Twitter.

Zcoin/Firo Philippines is part of the top 20 active telegram groups in the Philippines last April 2020.
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top 20 active telegram groups in the philippines
and now to be continued…

Im a Full-time Firo Philippines Community Manager, I Graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and i also made my own telegram marketing tool using python using pyrogram library by #tgcrypto to easily promote my telegram group in filipino community. Im a GPU Miner and I’m cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2017 and is dedicated to spreading awareness of Firo across the Philippines.

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Why you left?

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He had some personal family matters to attend to that were urgent.

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Thats what I was curious about, did he simply want to do something else, or was this due to Firo budget cuts or some other kind of issue. Looking at the Telegram history, he was gone for about 6 months. He seems like he was/is very active, so that looks good.
Maybe Reuben can provide a reference?

Never mind, Reuben just answered already.

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Hey Luke, I’ll bring it up for a vote soon. Personally I’m favorable considering how active you’ve been. It seems Firo has lost some subscribers since the Zcoin days, so it would be good to try and retain the ones remaining and attract new subscribers.

I’m sure if there was an issue Reuben would have let us know.

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The CFC has voted and your proposal has passed with some conditions.
The CFC will review your proposal every three months, and then vote to continue funding or to withdraw funding.

My personal opinion
I was glad to see that despite the current downturn in price, you requested your renumeration be measured and paid in Firo. It shows commitment and belief in the project, which is also evidenced by your activity level within the Telegram group.
I hope to see the Filipino group grow overtime.

Thank you for your support of Firo and it’s community.

hmmm… my apology to what happen in previous, honestly, the reason why I disappeared and was not active in firo filipino group was because of an emergency in my family, there is a misunderstanding between me and my wife , I was out of my mind at that time and sad because of what happened. so it was good that I went to them to talk and resolved the problem so I decided to go to the place to solve the problem …, I couldn’t work for a few weeks due to the weak internet connection in their area … i lost hope on that time … when I wanted to go back to work I was embarrassed because I had not been active for more than a month … :frowning:


Congratulations @LukeFiro_PH! Let’s rock and spread the word about Firo to more people!

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Thank you ryan :heart:

Mate… it will be so nice if i should do the same in Italian… may be one day i came to see you and learn… 8) Take care… Thank you!


yup! nice idea Alvio :smiley:

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