FIRO on SIA like Skynet on SIA

Could FIRO code be duplicated and renamed as a trial token much like Kusama is a canary for Polka?

My idea was to replicate FIRO to run on the decentralized skynet web3 internet and call it CAMOUFLAGE or NINJA TOKEN that can be newly minted by anyone with basic pc.

That avoids the need for auditing and can be used as a payment system for Skynet and its developing eco system which is leading to totally decentralized environments, social media, retail straight from producers and communities etc.

I see those looking for privacy like myself adopting skynetOS in portable communication devices such as pads connected to LoRa networks. I plan on using Snipe app using snippets (1mb limit text or mono sound file) for communication. Basically an alternative to cell phones by using a cheap 7 inch pad.

*note - I could not edit my first thread and since It was an effort way past my effective conscious time
I decided today to delete it and start again.

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I spent the last 3 years studying the different realms in commerce and important to avoid using COIN and instead use Token, Credit or other words to avoid legal and security issues with legal tender requirements if anyone is worried about future issues but personally dont care for governors of mentalities they have no jurisdiction or evidence anywhere online just like automated speed or traffic cameras.
Anyone prefer Camo Cred, Camo Toke, Ninja Cred or Ninja Kata short for Katana?
Im proposing a clone version of Firo code and can be just airdropped to community or FIRO holders?

I mean Firo’s code can always be duplicated and forked :slight_smile: It’s under MIT license after all but I’m not sure how it ties into SIA.

LOL I failed to see it is licensed under MIT
I failed already for not been more thorough
its a public license and it is to suit persons
in commerce not people in the private.
Therefore anyone that is registered for
benefits from their Governors of Mentalities
in the Legal realm of Admiralty laws and
is not a creditor but a debtor status.
Without a status correction, citizenships,
residentships, persons (personajes) and
individualships all birthed into the sea of
currency will have their trusts run by their
corporate owners via certificates of Birth
which places their first names + ALLCAPS
to form Joinder name and become debtors.