Firo masternode error? new?

Issue with creating new masternode getting this error…


The collateral is the new address… Node is New Also… Unsure as to why I am receiving this error??

Any help is greatly appreciated… using Firo Core Wallet. Latest Release

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I should also mention

Command ./firo-cli evoznode status


“outpoint”: “COutPoint(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, #########)”,
“service”: “IPADDRESS:8168”,
“status”: “Waiting for ProTx to appear on-chain”

Hope this assists…

Also this is my 4th Masternode… have not had any issues in the past…

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Hmm all totally new?
Did you generate a new ownerAddress?


By the way, if you read this error in full, it’s clear what’s wrong

“bad-protx-collateral-reuse (code 16) (code -1) ownerAddress is not collateralAddress, ownerAddress is null”


Yes I’ve seen that error before as mentioned by Absolute_Metal. There were cases where it was an ownerAddress so i’m making sure


Thank you for your assistance.

The solution to the problem is the owner’s address. I did try to find this information on the forums before posting here, so I appreciate the help from Ivan_ilv and AJaydono.

For anyone who encounters this issue in the future, remember that the key factor is the owner’s address.