Firo in the Market Downturn

Hello all,

I have been seeing a lot of concern in our community regarding the downturn that has occurred across the crypto market. The factors that lead to this are not always the same, but market downturns are naturally occurring events just as market corrections are. This rings just as true in the stock market as it does in the crypto market.

Though you will see many weak hands panic selling causing the negative feedback loop of dumping - it is important to take pause and think critically during such times. Times like these are an opportunity - a hodler’s dream come true - coins leave weak hands and fill the bags of diamond hands at affordable prices. The only question that remains is whether or not the coin is worth holding.

Firo is worth holding. Firo has been through rougher times and survived. The team is dedicated and made sacrifices many may never even know for the good of the project, and they are going nowhere. Because of their fortitude not only is the future of the project secured, but we are pushing the boundaries of blockchain privacy technologies.

Firo is the first coin to implement Dandelion++, to innovate and implement not only Sigma, but Lelantus which took the best of Sigma and then improved and expanded on it. So much so that now some other coins are trying to implement their own variation of Lelantus. What’s more is that just on the horizon are RAP Addresses, instant send, ThorChain integration, Elysium, and ProgPow. All of these are cutting-edge privacy-focused technology that no other coin has.

Yes, our perceived value will move with the market - we will have our ups and downs just like any other coin, but with Firo you have security because our value isn’t just in the market - but that we have some of the best privacy technology around and our team is dedicated. You can rest assured the project is not going away, and the privacy technology will only improve.
This is not financial advice. You must DYOR and make such financial decisions yourself. This is merely my personal opinion and how I see Firo as a member of our community.


DinkBlitz, thank you for the encouragement and wisdom. I appreciate the team behind Firo and I wholeheartedly believe in the potential this project has on decentralization and privacy.