Firo Foxes NFTs for Firo Community Contributors!

As mentioned I am working with some friends and Firo community members to make a fun Firo Foxes PFP project. This is 100% personally funded by me and does not involve Firo core team members (well besides me).

The idea is to encourage community participation in Firo and have some fun with the Firo community!

We are still getting full details on how to get whitelisted but donators to the Firo Donation Drive will be guaranteed a whitelist.

Another idea is to also reward LP providers on FIRO/BNB pair on Pancakeswap.


Set in a post apocalyptic fox world, the surviving foxes are fighting against machines that periodically attacks them for their memories.

The machines fedd on the information and memories of foxes (privacy) by stabbing into the cerebrum with their tentacles.

The foxes themselves also split into different factions/ tiers/ hierarchy.
You have the:
Civilians they are everyday foxes who try to survive the attack.
Militias are civilians who took arms and fight against the machines.
Heavy armored foxes are well equipped soldiers.

Elites are the foxes who have all the resources and power in the fox world and use their wealth to augment themselves with technology
Templars are the royal guards for the Elites.

Nomads are foxes who learned the old ways, through scripts, books, and are the most knowledgeable wanderers.

There are 10 golden weapons, these legendary weapons hold the power the save the world from the machine.

There’s one Firefox. (playing a pun on firefox). This fox is a sentient AI that manifested itself.

These are all still WIP and nothing is confirmed yet. Most likely we’ll launch this on Binance Chain to get support on Binance NFT marketplace and so we can utilize FIRO-BEP20 as well!

These are some teasers!


Nice one!

Its very interresting!!!

I like the idea but would need additional resources. Also creating a game is a gargantuan task :slight_smile:

Love that mates 8))


Cool idea…
Kind of think this guy should be templar class…


This is still at work with the wonderful help of Jian, @altcoingamer and Stephen <3

It’s looking amazing!


I need crypto platform.

I don’t quite understand what you’re asking here. Do you mean a platform to use FiroFoxes? Are you referring to the wallet needed?

A quick update that this project, Firo Foxes is far from dead but we are making a pivot on this to expand its scope hence there’s some delay.

This will be on BNB Chain due to the availability of BEP20 FIRO and the main story is about breaking free from surveillance and regaining your privacy. This will eventually bridge over into Spats once available.

The Firo Foxes are set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is monitored and neural implants track your every move and feed you information and news that the powers that be want you to see (much like our real life now).

Disclaimer: None of the below are final and may be subject to change. This post is merely to share progress and keep everyone updated.

Instead of just a profile picture (PFP) project, we are creating a web-based game on this that is focused on story progression, quests and NFT collectibles.

A very early concept render of how the layout of the game would look as you progress. Pointers mark where you are. Text dialog boxes, overlayed with your NFT character and other characters. All of this will be playable on your browser.



There will be two level of mints:
Elite Mint (BEP20 FIRO only) Limited to 500

Normal Mint (BNB or BEP20 FIRO) Limited preliminarily to 5000

Those who participated in the donation drive in the past will receive an elite mint ticket.


As you progress through the game, you will receive equipment NFTs that you can use and equip.


There will be various tasks and quests. These quests are of varying difficulty and some foxes have affinities for certain types of quests. Some of the tasks may involve teaming up with other NFT holders or joining Firo’s community.

We don’t want to spoil too much as we want to keep much of the story and drops a surprise!


Hi FiroFam! Curious about our Firo Foxes NFT concept? Here’s a lil sneak peek at our concept!

However, a simple disclaimer. The concept might be subject to a few changes as it’s not a final concept. Our team is working hard to deliver the final concept as soon as we can. Stay tuned for more updates!


Check an early concept preview where you can click a few things around to see how it works!


Any news about this?

Hey @Enn0 !

Yes there is! One of the major contributors had some life issues to take care of but we are restarting this week. A lot of work has been done on the background game engine and artwork but we hope to share more soon. Thanks everyone for the patience in this. Remember this is more a work of love and funded personally by me and the generous efforts donated by others :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update @reuben
I’m really sorry for the contributor in question. Hope everything is fine.
And I do understand this is a side project, but it looks really fun and I’m kinda hyped! :slight_smile:
I didn’t mean to sound like I’m putting you under pressure

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