Firo Electrum Can't find ledger devie

Greetings everyone.

I’m having problems getting into my Firo wallet using electrum and this the error I’m getting:

Screenshot 2022-05-14 10.21.50

I reinstalled electrum and I reinstalled the Firo app on my ledger, and I’m making sure I’m in the app using ledger and I still can’t get in, this problem is exclusive to Firo Electrum as far as I can tell:

Why isn’t it being detected, what can I do to fix it?

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"We are currently investigating reports of Electrum Firo not working with the new Ledger app for Firo and we are in touch with Ledger.

If you need to access Electrum Firo, please remain on Bitcoin/Firo app version 2.0.3 for now."

If you’re already on 2.0.4, unfortunately, it does not seem there is a way to roll back from what I have heard. The good news is that Ledger is currently testing their fix and so that shouldn’t be too much longer before it is available.

If this isn’t the cause of your issues because you’re not on 2.0.4 please let us know.


I can confirm I have 2.0.4 installed.

Thank you very much Dink Blitz, I appreciate the support!


electrum-dash has the same problem :sweat_smile:
you can use bitcoin app instead of firo app on ledger hardware wallet
bitcoin app with firo electrum
bitcoin app with dash electrum

BTC/Firo app version 2.0.5 is available on Ledger Live. Please try it out.

Hey Anwar, thank you for the heads up. I can confirm ledger works with electrum again with the 2.0.5 update.