Firo Art Contest

Hello FiroFam! Are you ready for another contest?

This time the contest is for original art focused on Firo! Please submit your original art for Firo over on our Firo Twitter announcement while adding “#FIRO, $FIRO & @firoorg” to your reply tweet! This contest is strictly being held over on Twitter! Your original art could be about anything regarding Firo, but it does have to pertain to Firo.

You will have until September 5th, 21 MDT/MST 11:59PM / 23:59 (Three weeks from today) to submit your original art - after that new submissions will not be considered. We will then have a thread here on Firo Forum for one week for everyone to vote for the winners of the contest!

Winner pot: Two Firo merch shirts (of your choosing)
Runner up: One Firo merch shirt (of your choosing)
Wanna see what shirts are available? Head on over to: Firo - Cypher Market


already replied on Twitter.

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Don’t care about contest with Twitter…

Hey guys, check out our first submission by Towts! Do you dig it? Show your fellow Firofam some love by given them a like and retweet!

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Our second submission is by iTRANCESUCHAO77! Show them some love by liking and retweeting them!

Check out the third submission by Sidarta0! If you like their work head on over and give them a like and a retweet!

Hey there Firo Fam! There has been two more additional submissions for the Firo Art Contest! First up is the submission by TMHBCEO - if you like it please make sure to like and retweet it!

Next up, and the most recent submission, is by Kritik Garg - if you dig it make sure to like it and retweet!

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The submission period is over as of Sept. 5th, 11:59 PM MDT! So now comes the time for voting for a winner and runner up of this contest! Voting shall last for one week - from today, Sept 6th MDT, until Sept. 13th, 11:59PM MDT.

Towt’s submission!

iTrance’s submission!

Sidarta’s submission!

TMHBCEO’s submissions!
1st submission

Kritik Garg’s submission!

Who do you think deserves the win?! Which do you like the most!? You have one vote!

  • Towts
  • iTrance
  • Sidarta
  • Kritik Garg

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