Firo Animation Contest!

Hey Firofam! Are you ready for another contest?!
This time around we’ve got a doozy, but the pot is just as big! We’re having a contest for a 10-second animation for Firo! You can use any medium to do it! Show us what you got!

Winner: 100 Firo & a Firo Punk NFT!
Two runner-ups: 50 Firo each, and a Firo Punk NFT each!
Total pot: 200 Firo & three Firo Punk NFTs!

This event will run until January 15th 23:59 (11:59PM) UTC. Winners will be determined by the Firo team!

To enter you must go head on over to our Firo Twitter post for this contest and reply with your submission to that post including the “#FIRO, $FIRO, & @firoorg”!
Your animation submission MUST be about Firo and it MUST be original work! ALL submissions must be licensed CCBy4.0 in order to qualify!
(Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0)

EDIT: I want to clarify that the 10 seconds is merely the minimum! Your animation can be as long as you need so long as it is longer than 10 seconds!


This is interesting…


Hey everyone! Check out the submission by Towts! I have been posting about this pretty extensively over on Discord and Telegram, but I wanted to post here as well!

Towts’ Submission

If you like it, please like and retweet! Think you can do better? There’s still time for you to submit yours!

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Hey FiroFam! Here is another submission for our contest by CNMinus! Check it out, like, and retweet if you dig it!

Our newest submission for our animation contest is by Crypto Animator! In fact, he created two variations of his animation which you can find in the replies to the linked post! Dig it? Like and retweet!

I also want to clarify - the 10 seconds is only a minimum! Feel free to use as much time as you need for your animation so long as it is longer than 10 seconds!

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Check out this submission by Gocha Abashidze
Do you like it? Like it and retweet it! Want to get involved? There’s still time to do so!

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The newest animation submission is by Ama! I’m really happy to see so many submissions rolling in, and I am looking forward to more that will roll in with the remaining time! Did you dig this submission? Like and retweet!

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Another submission for our animation contest has rolled in! Give a like and retweet to CryptoLife if you dig their submission!

There’s still time for you to enter the contest! The very last day you have is January 15th, 23:59 (11:59PM) UTC!


The very last submission - coming in close to the end of the contest! Check out the submission by Assemble Utopia! Like and retweet if you like their work!


The Firo Animation contest is now over! Thank you to everyone who has participated! I am really pleased to see so many submissions, and how much work people put in to join in the fun! The team will need some time to decide who the winners are! Best of luck to everyone!