Firo and Niantic partnership

I suggest that the developers of the Firo project contact and conclude a partnership agreement with Niantic, the market leader in the development of games with augmented reality. The audience of players covers the whole world, and their number exceeds 1 billion users who play through modern smartphones. Information from open sources (Survey Monkey conducted a survey among a million Pokemon Go players on iOS and Android platforms. The result in terms of audience demographics was a surprise even for the CEO of Niantic studio, John Hanke. It turned out that women-poketrenery account for 63%. The average Pokemon Go player is a young 25-year-old girl with a college degree and an income of $ 90,000 a year.
The other survey data was not a revelation. 46 percent of the Pokemon Go audience is between the ages of 18 and 29. They grew up on Pokemon, on the animated series and games, which are more popular in America and Europe than in Russia and the CIS countries. Now these people are playing Pokemon Go for nostalgic reasons.
The adult audience also explains that 54 percent of players earn more than 50 thousand dollars a year. For developers, it’s hard to find a better clientele: adults with money who have known about Pokemon since childhood. Therefore, the game brings Niantic 6 million dollars a day.) Players to purchase items in the game use in-game currency that can be purchased using bank cards, QIWI wallet and PAYPAL if the developers of the FIRO project manage to agree on expanding the options for buying Niantic game currency using firo coins, it will benefit both parties. Niantic gets additional customers who are ready to use cryptocurrency to buy out-of-game inventory, and FIRO gets a huge number of new users, an increase in demand for firo coins, an expansion of the range of coins used directly for purchases, advertising among billions of players around the world. To organize a dialogue between projects, FIRO developers (management) need to contact Niantic by filling out the feedback form on the website you can also get acquainted with the company in more detail on it.