FCS Proposal - VOSTO EMISIO Extension - Graphic Design and Animation

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: VOSTO EMISIO Extension - Graphic Design and Animation
  • Author: VostoEmisio
  • Proposal type: Design
  • Link: click here

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Nrsimha, [3/27/2024 2:31 AM]
There is new proposal from Vosto. Will we vote on this one, or it is for newly voted CFC members?

Reuben Yap, [3/27/2024 3:24 AM]
Personally okay with everyone continuing until new one is elected but up to how everyone feels on this. It isn’t a huge amount nor an unknown vendor

Reuben Yap, [3/27/2024 3:24 AM]
And to hold up community payments while election doesn’t seem right

Fiend ish, [3/27/2024 4:30 AM]
I vote aye. I like the work he’s been doing so far.

Nrsimha, [3/27/2024 4:47 AM]
I have one comment, if his reward is counted in USD/h, Firo amount is just for orientation, right? And payments of Firo will be send accordance of actual exchange rate and hours to be paid? As there seems to be good liquidity 10% volatility buffer could be avoided, no?

Nrsimha, [3/27/2024 4:48 AM]
And I vote aye for proposal as his work looks good.

Kartal :eagle: Eagle, [3/27/2024 5:10 AM]
The offer doesn’t seem bad, so I say yes.

devwarrior, [3/27/2024 7:54 AM]
Aye …

@sproxet, [3/27/2024 2:12 PM]

:bulb: Update on @VOSTOEMISIO Proposal (VOSTO EMISIO Extension - Graphic Design and Animation) for an additional 3 months

5 out of the 7 CFC members have weighed in and expressed their approval in support of advancing the proposal, while the remaining 1 member has not voted yet. I would like to note that @rehrar abstained from voting on this particular proposal to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Given that a majority has voted Aye for this proposal, It has Passed :white_check_mark:. Thank You :handshake:

Voted Aye:

Haven’t voted:

Abstained (COI)

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

Just to echo some feedback. Vosto has been a pleasure to work with and has made @Fiendish’s idea of the Sparky mascot into a main stay of our materials.

We’ll be making a video featuring Sparky soon!

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Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’