FCS Proposal - Update Firo telegram and discord tip bots

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Update Firo telegram and discord tip bots
  • Author: rehrar
  • Proposal type: Miscellaneous
  • Link: click here

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Hi its me. I made this proposal. Happy to answer any questions.

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way too much money, I am sorry it is a no from me … in comparison I added Firo to DCRDEX for nothing it took 2 months work.


The tip bot is more than I expected it to be though it plays an important role in increasing interaction and onboarding people into Firo without having to install a wallet. Creates a nice tipping atmosphere too and having Spark support within it would be great though certain aspects should be improved.

If rehrar can also agree to update the funding.firo.org website to also support Spark addresses as deposit and payout addresses, and some minor improvements to the UI and UX of the tip bot, I would think this brings it more in line with the amount asked and also encourages adoption of the Spark privacy mechanism.

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Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

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I’ll be personally funding part of this over time so have moved this into funding.

Would appreciate others who enjoy the tip bot to donate some as well!

This is not a CFC request and will come directly from community donations as and when they’ll come.

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Why is it not a CFC request?

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There’s some back story to it in that I initially asked Diego to update the tip bots but there was an oversight in that we never discussed what was the amount to be paid as it was initially thought to be trivial.

It took a lot more work than envisaged and therefore incurred quite a bit of costs more than what core has budgeted.

While Diego was willing to just consider it as a gift to the community given the misunderstanding, I felt it was unconscionable for him not to receive anything given that it was my request that made him devote resources to it so I agreed to pay some of it out of my own pocket (not Core) and to open it for community to fund. The updated tip bots are already live and deployed.

Given the circumstances above and @devwarrior’s comments I did not want to introduce any sort of accusations of bias or influence over the CFC so decided to just open it as a general funding/donation request to Firofam which anyone can do as long as there is sufficient support from the community to fund it.

Hoping people who enjoy the tip bot which to me is an excellent way to onboard ppl into Firo can consider throwing some Firo to this as a thank you and show of appreciation.


Thank you for the clarifications Reuben.

Would it be possible that CFC fund at least a part of it? like 50%? I dont like the idea of Reuben funding some part of it with his own money… Its very nice of him but not sure its the good way to do things.

Community can also fund it too! See some community donations coming in!

Core has also contributed 300 FIRO too.

I donated 5 Firo (and expect to get it back in red envelopes over the next 10 years - hehehe).

hahah thank you!