FCS Proposal - Turkey Community manager

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Turkey Community manager
  • Author: Kartal
  • Proposal type: Miscellaneous
  • Link: click here

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Funding target changed from ‘400.0 FIRO’ to ‘250.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘250.0 FIRO’ to ‘200.0 FIRO’

22 December 2022

Ryan Ape Firo (02:07 pm)

@eagleblac perhaps elaborating more data and evidence could make your proposal more convincing, and if you are proposing for three months with 400 firo for each month, then the proposal value should be 1200 firo instead of 400.

Kartal Eagle (02:12 pm)

I promised you last month that I will work hard. I wrote some data as proof of this.

I enlarged the 1st Turkish community 2x

  1. I prepare and share informative visuals about firo

  2. In addition to telegram, and Twitter, I also manage Discord.

  3. I support the marketing work

Firo Chan Reuben (02:44 pm)

For example, you said “I enlarged 1st Turkish community 2x” What were the figures before and after? Another example: You said you prepared and shared informative visuals about Firo, how many and could you share them here? Another example: I support marketing work. What work did you do in supporting the marketing work?

Kartal Eagle (02:54 pm)

Kartal Eagle (03:08 pm)

I’m trying to communicate with markets that are suitable for our budget. I am currently in contact with Poloniex and I am trying to communicate with many markets. Since most of the markets do paid listings, I can’t do much about it Once the listing form submitted by ajay has been filled, the poloniex listing team will initiate the evaluation process for listing huobi was also meaninglessly delisted. bep20 is not based on privacy. We are working on performing a re-listing with bep20 I gave up on bybit because the bybit listing fee is too high. okx is voting for the listing, I’m meeting with them right now, I will create a discussion group when the process matures.

Nrsimha (03:14 pm)

Small comment. Will be looking more attractive if there will be more white space between paragraphs of the text and the logo.

Kartal Eagle (03:17 pm)

Nrsimha (03:18 pm)

Looks better now.

Kartal Eagle (03:18 pm)

Thank you for your warnings. I can also arrange for a free bridge to be built for the firo if you wish. We can also use the vite chain network.

Kartal Eagle (03:25 pm)

This is how I work on preparing promotional images for team members.

23 December 2022

Kartal Eagle (12:49 am)

Dear cfc members, you can ask any question you want to ask.

Kartal Eagle (01:58 am)

@rasikhmorani Thank you so much for the support you gave me last month.

Kartal Eagle (06:02 pm)

@moviecheff @sproxet @FiroFiend @Nrsimha @rehrar @rasikhmorani @OhGodAGirl

I am waiting to hear from you, if I have deficiencies and mistakes, you can tell them. You can ask your questions.

24 December 2022

Kartal Eagle (11:08 pm)

I know you are very busy. The new year is approaching. Happy new year to all of you with all my heart. And I’m waiting for a decision from you.

25 December 2022

Fiend Ish (04:10 am)

Merry Christmas to all. @eagleblac I’ll take a look after the Holidays. Take care.

Kartal Eagle (04:11 am)

Thank you, and have a great holiday everyone. I love you all.

Firo Chan Reuben (10:38 am)

Merry Xmas!!

29 December 2022

Kartal Eagle (11:27 pm)

How would you like to discuss my situation? I made a detailed explanation a few days ago. If you still have any questions, you can ask.

Nrsimha (11:34 pm)

I personally doubt it will bring the project much exposure for the price. So, I personally would vote: for no

Kartal Eagle (11:36 pm)

If you look at the groups you can see the changes. I answered the questions asked by Reuben for telegram, twitter, discord in detail. What can I do to clear your doubt?

Nrsimha (11:43 pm)

I have seen your comments and even liked some graphics, but there are still 6 more voters, so it could be without issue pass.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (11:44 pm)

At present, I think funds are better used for core supplementing. We’re in winter still. It really sucks, I know it does. But we don’t have a lot of money to throw around. We need to be wise with our spending here. That said, I do encourage this proposal to be opened to the FCS and encourage the community to fund it.

Kartal Eagle (11:55 pm)

I can also assist you in creating a new bridge if you wish.

Firo Chan Reuben (11:56 pm)

You mean the vitex bridge I’m personally not that keen on that. It draws liquidity away from firo for an ecosystem that isn’t a high-value one (compared to let’s say BNB chain) which we already have issues incentivizing use.

30 December 2022

Kartal Eagle (01:10 am)

I hope CFC members respond positively as soon as possible.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (01:11 am)

Two of us have cast our votes already. Waiting on the others.

Fiend Ish (04:40 am)

Unfortunately, with the price where it is now. I’m going to have to agree with @rehrar & @Nrsimha. We need to ensure sufficient funds remain available for funding critical development. Also, I’m very weary of funding any more community managers. If we did that for every country, the CFC wouldn’t have much funds for other more critical needs. However, while not the amount you are hoping for, I would feel comfortable authorizing 50 Firo per month as a token payment as a way to thank you for your efforts. I’m not sure how the other CFC members would feel about that.

Kartal Eagle (04:47 am)

I have been working for firo for a year and I never asked you to finance me before. It’s really interesting that you get tired of financing me only Reuben was making a symbolic payment to me.

Fiend Ish (04:48 am)

Same here, but I’m not asking for any money. I do it for free. Hence the symbolic 50 Firo I suggested.

Kartal Eagle (04:51 am)

I’m really sorry about your offer of 50 firo. So, I stuck to the strategy I set for you. I tried to do all the things I said Please update me if there is anything I am missing or not doing.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (04:59 am)

But that’s just it. It’s little to do with you, and more with our current economic reality. The funds of the CFC are not endless, and, at present, continuing core operations outweigh community work by a large margin.

Kartal Eagle (05:14 am)

The crypto industry is experiencing a bear market and I understand the financial problems of the cfc team. That’s why I’m going to make sacrifices**.** Instead of 400 firo, I demand 250 firo per month as a sign of my sincerity and self-sacrifice. I hope you will understand me**.** Therefore, I ask you to reconsider your votes and opinions.

Kristy-Leigh Minehan (07:11 am)

No, from me.

Ryan Ape Firo (02:47 pm)

No from me.

Sproxet (03:20 pm)

Same (no from me).

31 December 2022

Kartal Eagle (02:58 am)

I think all cfc said no.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (03:01 am)

Seems so. Again, move the request to funding stage, and let’s get the community to fund it with donations!

Kartal Eagle (03:02 am)

Since we are in the winter of the crypto industry, I will lower the price of the payment. I made a new update here. Also, if you tell me all your expectations, I can start working to meet them.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (03:06 am)

What is your objection to getting the community to fund?

Kartal Eagle (03:06 am)

I have no objections as CFC sees fit. How do I move it to the funding stage? Happy new year everyone. I wish the CFC team to be more friendly and caring in 2023. I wish you a healthy and happy new year.

3 January 2023

Firo Chan Reuben (10:47 am)

@eagleblac I have moved your funding request to be open for funding from the community.

Funding target changed from ‘200.0 FIRO’ to ‘150.0 FIRO’

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘Disabled’