FCS Proposal - Privacy wallet - SoveranceOS

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Privacy wallet - SoveranceOS
  • Author: soverance
  • Proposal type: Wallets
  • Link: click here

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Funding target changed from ‘10.0 FIRO’ to ‘10000.0 FIRO’

Latest update

6 out of the 7 CFC members have weighed in and decided not to go through with this proposal. Therefore, this proposal has not passed. Thank you.

Voted NO:

  1. @devwarrior
  2. @nrsimha
  3. @sproxet
  4. @Fiendish
  5. @rehrar
  6. @Eagle

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani

I like the idea but there would have to be support for using with masternodes and the code must remain open source. Perhaps a fork of Graphene OS?

Currently there is not a lot of alternatives, looks like only the ledger. Putting to use an old phone dedicated for this purpose would be great.

Yeah open source is a big component but not sure how wise is using an Android base for it.

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Disabled’

Closed this due to 6 months with no additional feedback from community.