FCS Proposal - Market Making, Development and Research May 2023

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Market Making, Development and Research May 2023
  • Author: reuben
  • Proposal type: CFC
  • Link: click here

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Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

Payment of 14350.0 FIRO sent

Current update on this proposal on Market Marking Development and Research May 2023

The CFC members have gathered and weighed in their decision for this proposal.

Friendly reminder, there are currently 7 members in the CFC but to avoid any potential conflict of interest due to the fact that Cypher Stack provides some of the services to the core team, @rehrar has abstained from voting on this proposal along with @sproxet who is currently helping us as a freelancer to do some housekeeping.

Of the remaining 5 members of the CFC, 4 have voted in favor of this proposal.

Voted YES:

  1. @Nrsimha
  2. @devwarrior
  3. @Fiendish
  4. @Eagle

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani


  1. @rehrar
  2. @sproxet

4 out of 5 CFC members that are able to vote have decided to go through with this proposal, therefore this proposal has passed.

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Status changed from ‘WIP’ to ‘Completed’