FCS Proposal - Market Making, Development and Research January 2023

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Market Making, Development and Research January 2023
  • Author: reuben
  • Proposal type: CFC
  • Link: click here

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3 January 2023

Firo Chan Reuben (10:55 am)

There are some minor changes in my proposal.

  • In February, we may reduce our request for research funding from CFC as we plan to utilize the funding donated by @rasikhmorani to Firo via MAGIC to pursue a specific task on achieving global anonymity sets with Lelantus Spark (curve tree research). We are assessing the feasibility of this first before applying to Magic.
  • We will try to negotiate with Armada to include support for Huobi again as they have quietly relisted us.

All other amounts remain unchanged (USD-wise).

Firo Chan Reuben (11:01 am)

In December, research was a little slow due to the holiday season but Aaron did some research on alternative confidential assets solutions (such as Zano) just to see if there are any interesting ideas. Conclusion is that Firo’s approach currently is more elegant but interesting ideas nevertheless. Had some informal discussion on research collaborations.

kayabanerve brought up a potential way to use MuSig2 aggregation of input coins for a single ownership proof. To explore further.

Aram did some work on exploring the use of curve trees which was brought up by atomfried which may enable global anonymity sets of Firo. Looks promising and diving into it further.


Quick update on this proposal.
@RyanApeFiro @sproxet @nrsimha @sproxet @OhGodAGirl @rasikhmorani @rehrar

The CFC members have gathered and weighed in their decision for this proposal. Friendly reminder, there are 7 members in the CFC but to avoid any potential conflict of interest due to the fact that Cypher Stack provides some of the services to the core team, @rehrar has abstained from voting on this proposal.

Of the remaining 6 members of the CFC, all have voted in favor of this proposal.

Voted YES:


Therefore, this proposal has passed. Thank you!

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

Payment of 8400.0 FIRO sent