FCS Proposal - Lucas, Firo English Community Manager (May-July)

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Lucas, Firo English Community Manager (May-July)
  • Author: Lucas
  • Proposal type: CFC
  • Link: click here

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Lucas Community Plan.pdf (49.7 KB)

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@sproxet @devwarrior @Nrsimha @rehrar @rasikhmorani @Fiendish @eagle

Latest update for our English Community Manager proposal.

Voted YES:

  1. @Eagle
  2. @Fiendish
  3. @sproxet
  4. @Nrsimha
  5. @devwarrior
  6. @rehrar

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani

6 out of 7 CFC members have voted in favor of this proposal. Therefore, this proposal has passed. Thank you.

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

Lucas CFC Report May 2023.pdf (25.7 KB)

Funding target changed from ‘4854.0 FIRO’ to ‘3236.0 FIRO’

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

Payment of 1674.235 FIRO sent

Lucas CFC Report June 2023.pdf (23.9 KB)

Payment of 1479.3 FIRO sent

Payment of 82.465 FIRO sent

Status changed from ‘WIP’ to ‘Completed’