FCS Proposal - Launching a Telegram group from Dubai

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Launching a Telegram group from Dubai
  • Author: sheikh
  • Proposal type: Marketing
  • Link: click here

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1 FIRO ?
Why not :-).
… but why 1 FIRO ?

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

After speaking with them, this was meant to be funded by the CFC but they found the process to be too much of a hassle.

They originally said “Give whatever core teams thinks is okay” and the core team funded 100 FIRO to facilitate this and asked them if they needed more, they should ask from the CFC after explaining the budget concerns.

They then said they actually need 100 FIRO for the running and 200 FIRO for airdrops and prizes to attract people to come into the channel which is what they should have asked to begin with rather than specifying ‘1 FIRO’. They were also reluctant to engage with the CFC finding it troublesome. When we re-explained that for the additional 200 FIRO they need to get it from the CFC they started blaming us for not being clear despite us explaining it to them.

Core team decided not to engage any further. Also because of their reluctance to engage with CFC, we are closing this request and refunding the 100 FIRO to the core team.

Payment of 100.00003794 FIRO sent

Status changed from ‘WIP’ to ‘Disabled’

This is the refund TXID to the official core dev wallet address.