FCS Proposal - Graphic Design and Visual Content

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Graphic Design and Visual Content
  • Author: VostoEmisio
  • Proposal type: Marketing
  • Link: click here

Use this topic to discuss this proposal!

I have question in which formats will you provide final graphics? Will format include also source files like InDesign or similar?

If CFC would prefer shorter terms than 6 months, would you be ok with that?



After discussions I have updated the proposal to 3 months instead of 6.

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Funding target changed from ‘2628.0 FIRO’ to ‘1314.0 FIRO’

CFC members’ feedback

8th July 2023

Devwarrior (02:17 pm)

Just read it, not sure we need it.

9th July 2023

Firo Chan (11:20 am)

So previously Diego was handling the graphics and all which had a clean minimalistic and unique style. Vosto’s style is bolder and brighter and with @Fiendish input, the fungible flame was born haha.

The community seems to like the new graphics so we need someone to produce the graphics in the same style hence Vosto being the best person for that

I’ve spoken to Vosto and he’s agreed to drop the commitment period to 3 months instead of 6 months

But will leave it to the CFC to decide, it depends on how you feel about the results of the previous 3 months in coming up with the new style

For the website, I will probably keep it as is with tweaks.

Diego Rehrar (11:24 am)

To be exceedingly clear, I would no longer be paid for graphics of any kind so Core gets a bit of extra money on that end.

Devwarrior (11:24 am)

Got it.

Firo Chan (11:24 am)

Unless we need some stuff on the website. Which should be less frequent.

Sproxet (11:59 am)

I liked their output. I would say aye if there is a continuing need for the work.

Devwarrior (12:24 pm)

The output is unarguably nice, maybe as a result of Fiendish’s inputs.

Sproxet (12:29 pm)

Are 8 visual content images a month about what Firo needs? @reuben

Firo Chan (12:30 pm)

Yes, give or take.

Sproxet (12:30 pm)


CFC members’ feedback

10th July 2023

Devwarrior (02:56 pm)

3 months Graphics/visuals only, no marketing suggestions? Yes.

Vosto Emisio (02:57 pm)

No marketing suggestions in this proposal.

Firo Chan Reuben (02:57 pm)

It’s 2312 USD for 3 months of graphics. Not a per month figure.

Devwarrior (02:58 pm)

Yes. Thank you for all the visuals. Quite polished in my view.

Vosto Emisio (02:58 pm)

Thank you!

Nrsimha (04:23 pm)

Voting yes (if .ai files or other source will be included).

Kartal (05:30 pm)

He did not talk about what he would do in the coming months and the data, but also made wishes to work only 12 hours. With these prices, you can get professional agency support.

Firo Chan Reuben (05:30 pm)

He is a professional agency. He’s done work for Samsung etc.

Kartal (05:31 pm)

How many designs does he make in a month?

Firo Chan Reuben (05:31 pm)

The deliverables are just the graphics that we request each month which are about 2 a week. It’s stated in the proposal.

“With these dedicated hours, we estimate that we will be able to handle around 8 visual content images per month, adjusting slightly depending on the complexity of each project.”

Note that it could be a bigger campaign but because I told him we were tight, we restricted the scope. But if the CFC wishes to see an expanded scope (with different fees) that’s also possible. The main thing is if the CFC is satisfied with the quality of the new graphics, we need a steady production of them or else we need to get another contractor to emulate Vosto’s style.

Kartal (05:33 pm)

Frankly, I am satisfied with the latest graphics and I like it. I just found the price a little high.

Firo Chan Reuben (05:35 pm)

Roughly it works out to be about 96 USD a graphic which is similar to what professional agencies charge. Of course, there are much cheaper options. But you would then need to see ok, can you emulate the style consistently and deal with the core team. It’s possible ofc. Like we can go to fivver and get like 25 USD graphics. Okie do make your suggestion. I’m ok with whatever CFC decides.

Kartal (05:43 pm)

@VOSTOEMISIO Our aim is to take Firo further, so that I can vote yes, I request you to update your proposal in this direction.

  1. I want you to work 15 hours a month for the same wage. This way, you do more graphic design.

  2. Making a commitment to work for 12 hours and going to a discount on the price offer you have given.

Firo Chan Reuben (05:45 pm)

So either

a) increase the hours at same wage: or

b) same hours but give discount?

Make sure to do a market survey also on professional graphic design too.

Kartal (05:46 pm)


Firo Chan Reuben (05:46 pm)

If you have an alternative or comparable, would be helpful.

Kartal (05:47 pm)

I want 3-4 hours off from you, I want to look at the offers of the agencies.

Vosto Emisio (05:56 pm)

It’s great that you like our stuff, thanks for that! Just want to chime in and say that the reason and key factors for why we can offer a retainer at this price level is:

  1. This is tax-free

  2. We like privacy and Firo

All our clients we work with are privacy-centric projects (Firo, zano, bitcoin cash fusion, monerokon and Monero).

Kartal (06:10 pm)


Devwarrior (06:13 pm)

Remind me does Rehrar vote on this one now he is not involved in graphics (or so much).

Firo Chan Reuben (06:18 pm)

I would say rather err on the side of caution and have him abstain. Mainly cause there’s still a COI.

Rehrar is stepping back mainly because of Vosto potentially stepping in but he should be free to express his opinion. Just no vote.

Devwarrior (06:36 pm)

Thanks for clarity.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (10:33 pm)

Abstain yes.

11th July 2023

Fiend Ish (02:00 am)

So, the bill is approx. $780 per month for 3 months, right?

Seems reasonable to me tbh. I like the work Vosto has done so far. Also, he seems to ‘get’ what the weak areas for Firo are currently. Which is half the battle tbh. I’m going to say aye, and would take another view in 3 months. Thanks for the work done so far Vosto.

Vosto Emisio (08:00 am)

Cheers Fiendish! Your opinions are always valuable so I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback during the coming 3 months.

Latest update:

I would like to provide an update on the status of the proposal put forth by Vosto regarding Graphic and Visual Content.

As per our records, the CFC consists of a total of seven members. However, in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest, I would like to note that @rehrar has abstained from voting on this particular proposal.

Out of the remaining six members, five have cast their votes in favor of Vosto’s proposal, indicating their agreement with the Graphic and Visual Content proposition.

Consequently, I’m pleased to announce that this proposal has passed.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Voted Yes:

  1. @devwarrior
  2. @sproxet
  3. @nrsimha
  4. @Eagle
  5. @Fiendish

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani

Category changed from ‘Marketing’ to ‘CFC’

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Funding Required’

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

And as others asked what format will the delivery be? figma?
Can we follow the mock-up as they progress?
To much details left out to be honest.


We are sending the .AI source files monthly to the core team. The content is requested by the core team/firos social media manager, and we then create on demand ( most often within 24 hours ). Since the lead time is so short it makes little to no sense to post any mock-ups here. Follow Firos blog/SoMe to see our work, like here - Building a Safer Firo: MAGIC approves Security Retainer with HashCloak | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency

As this work has started maybe its to late for this but i still am not sure what this work entails.
Is it for the web only?
Does it include changes for the Core wallet?
And monthy delivery is not great. You can do allot of work in days. You don’t want to do allot of work if not validated with some UAT right? (or maybe you have that as a part of your process, if so then its good)

The work is delivered within 1 day after each request. The AI files are delivered monthly or sooner if we need to make a quick edit and they can’t do it in time.

It covers primarily all socials so web, twitter, Facebook, insta whatever.


Status of Funding

Approved: 13th July 2023

Fund Status: As of 17th July, the proposal has been fully funded by CFC (1314 Firo)

Payment: A payment of 438 Firo will be sent by the end of each month for the duration of 3 months.

Payment of 438.0 FIRO sent

Funding Update

Payment: 438 Firo has been sent for the 1st month payment @VOSTOEMISIO.

Thank you!

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Payment of 438.0 FIRO sent

Funding Update

Payment: 438 Firo has been sent for the 2nd month payment @VOSTOEMISIO.

Thank you!

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Payment of 438.0 FIRO sent