FCS Proposal - Graphic artist and designer

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Graphic artist and designer
  • Author: Prince Adams
  • Proposal type: Design
  • Link: click here

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Would be nice to see some examples of your work!

I definitely think we could use services such as this. However as Reuben said, it would be great to see a sample.
I’m not sure if we have any already, but I’d really like some classy realistic Firo coin renders to use for marketing/news articles etc.

Our render could have something like “Firo - Fungible - Decentralized - Peer to peer” around the edge of the coin.
Maybe “Safety in numbers” also.

I would prefer a 5$-sticker over any NFT out there anytime! :yum:

With good image quality, we can make real stickers out of it, so I can guerilla-marketing my hometown with them! :sunglasses:

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Lol thats actually a good idea!

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These are some of my sticker renders though I would have loved to send some of my video samples 3d, nft and many more but this forum won’t let me if not from a specific file
But this is my telegram handle @AdamDevAN I could forward them there

Sure I could render that…….
And that would be best in a 3d of two phase🤔

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Sorry bud I missed your reply.

Please let me make a suggestion. Set the total Firo amount you are looking for to 100 Firo.
If you don’t you’l need to create a new proposal every few stickers and go through another voting round which will be a pain in the backside.
This way we can issue you part payments depending on how many stickers you create.

When you have edited your proposal I will bring it up for a vote.
Personally I like this initiative and look forward to voting for it.

I don’t want to sound discouraging, but those sticker examples are somehow unattractive.


Would you be able to animate this guy if I sent you a high res png?

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Yeah, sure
Sorry for the time delay I have been out of town but fully back now…

Alright I would see if that’s possible…

And how about this render could I still get to it?:thinking:

No harm to try imo!

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