FCS Proposal for getting Firo on Tip.cc

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lateness of pointing this out, but someone from the community has posted this proposal over on our FCS: FIRO FCS - Listing FIRO on Tip.

The proposal is to get Firo set up on Tip.cc which is the largest Discord tip bot. The benefit of this is that people that are unfamiliar but use the Tip.cc bot could receive Firo without them having to use Firo tip bot, having a wallet, or waiting for the blockchain sync. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise Firo! According to Tip.cc they have had over 184 million transactions on their bot across more than 23 thousand Discord servers and they have over 9 million users!

Please check out their proposal and help provide funding if you can!


This is now fully funded.

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