FCS Proposal - Firo Türkiye Community Manager

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Firo Türkiye Community Manager
  • Author: Kartal
  • Proposal type: Miscellaneous
  • Link: click here

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Funding target changed from ‘2500.0 FIRO’ to ‘2300.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘2300.0 FIRO’ to ‘2000.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘2000.0 FIRO’ to ‘1200.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘1200.0 FIRO’ to ‘400.0 FIRO’

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24th Nov 2022

Sproxet (10:36am)

Do we have experience with this person? Seems like a fairly large outlay for Turkish marketing. Are they producing results?

Firo Chan Reuben (11:32 am)

I’ve worked with Kartal before. He currently gets 55 Firo/month from the core team to help with the Turkish group. He’s well-meaning and has initiative though we sometimes don’t agree on the way forward. He did request an upgrade in his pay with an expansion of scope but I declined.

Ryan Ape Firo Forever (11:38 am)

So, this proposal is for Kartal’s 3 months’ salary to manage marketing for Firo in Turkey, is that right? It does not include the other marketing expenses as mentioned, like advertising with well-known people, for example.

Firo Chan Reuben (11:39 am)

It’s inclusive the way I read it. He said he would use it to pay.

Ryan Ape Firo Forever (11:43 am)

I appreciate the initiative for this marketing proposal but I’m afraid I can’t review it because it is too general, need it to be more specific like who is the influencer you would like to collaborate with, why, what is the expected outcome, how much is needed for that, what are the marketing activities proposed, etc.

Nrsimha (11:44am)

Went to see the Turkish Firo group. Seems pretty small. Was a le-to-catch envelope from September, which is strange as envelopes in other groups generally disappear much more quickly. For me, it looks similar to Firo Philippines which seems even more active and we pay 100 Firo per month there.

Firo Chan Reuben (11:46 am)

Yup. Though from Twitter we are seeing quite a Turkish following but mostly speculative.

Fiend Ish (11:56 am)

Nay for Turkey community manager. The cost VS benefit doesn’t appear attractive. As Ryan said though, it’s hard to tell considering there are no real specifics.

Nrsimha (11:59am)

Nay for Turkish CM from me too.

Sproxet (12:03 pm)


Firo Chan Reuben (11:09 pm)

This is from Kartal on some of the ‘influencers’ he’ll be using. Just passing the message.

Crypto Moon Queen

Crypto Daly

Kartal (11:22 pm)

I have been a Firo investor for years, even though the fee I received was symbolic, I accepted the fee given to protect my investment. I saw it as a tip from the director. More is required for me to work more for the Firo. I will increase the time of being online between 15 and 18 hours and the fee I want is for 3 months. 2000 Firo.

Kartal (11:31 pm) (responding to ‘Sproxet – 10:36 am’)

I’ve been managing the Firo Turkey Community for a year.

Kartal (11:32 pm) (responding to ‘Ryan Ape Firo Forever – 11:38 am’)

This offer includes all marketing expenses and 3 months’ salary.

Kartal (11:34 pm) (responding to ‘Ryan Ape Firo Forever – 11:43 am’)

I will work on telegram and twitter for 15 hours a day, moreover, I will ask them to promote in some twitter accounts every week and if I have money, I will make it rain to reward some people.

Kartal (11:38 pm) (responding to ‘Nrsimha – 11:44 am’)

I’ve been getting 55 firo per month for a year. As I am also a firo investor, I did not care about the low payment, but I want to raise awareness of the firo Turkey group and be more active, therefore I expect your support It’s not actually my salary. You can think of it as a tip I got because firo is very valuable to me, firo is a love for me.

25th Nov 2022

Nrsimha (02:33am)

Sorry to disappoint you, but I still think 833.3333 Firo per month from the original proposal or 666.666 Firo per month from the second proposal above is quite a lot, and don’t believe it will have much positive effect on the Firo project.

Kartal (02:35 am) (responding to ‘Nrsimha – 02:33 am’)

It is obviously interesting that you decide whether it is effective or not without trying it. You can ask your questions. I want to serve Firo in the best way. I will organize some raffles to grow the firo Turkey group. So, I need this payment.

Nrsimha (02:43am)

Be careful so those ruffles will not bring you just hundreds of bots. Some time ago during AMAs when there was money reward for questions, hundreds of bots practically killed chat because they flooded it with thousands of messages hoping to win price.

Ryan Ape Firo Forever (02:44 am)

Hi Kartal, what I can suggest is, to try to break it down into several proposals, and make each proposal as detailed as possible so that we can better review them. It seems like you have several ideas that you want to do.

Kartal (02:46 am)

In order to reinvigorate the conversation, we will do a contest worth 100 Firo every month. 300 Firo in total. I will also pay close to 700 Firo on two Twitter for advertisements, and I have 333 Firo per month left.

Nrsimha (02:47 am)

In proposal you mentioned that you made marketing in many crypto projects. Would you please share more details, what crypto projects, what results brough that marketing, etc.

Kartal (02:48 am)

I worked at Vite Token as a Turkey representative for Vinu token social media and marketing. My task in Vinu token continues actively.

Nrsimha (02:49 am)

So, you plan to work 18 hours a day on Firo and other hours on Vinu?

Kartal (02:49 am)

I will work for firo for 15 hours. I will support our investors, I will give all kinds of support, I will keep informing against the negativities of the bear market psychology is very important. According to Coinmarket.cap data, Vinu token ranks 716.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (02:53 am)

Just salary without raffle money is how much?

Kartal (02:53 am)

50% of what you pay me I will spend the rest on events. 350-400 firo. Then I can update my offer and update it as salary only. Your suggestions are important to me. I updated the offer 1200 firo 3-month payment. I want your permission and support to work more efficiently for firo Thank you all in advance for everything.

Rehrar Diego Salazar (03:02 am)

It would be most prudent to perhaps do a one-month trial period since we haven’t worked together before. Thoughts CFC?

Kartal (03:03 am)

I have been working with Reuben for a year if you support me nothing will be the same. I will also try to prepare Turkish visuals for the promotion of firo.

Ryan Ape Firo Forever (12:35 pm)

I think this is the most viable proposal for you now based on my opinion: if let say you will do this marketing effort for one month period, what result you can deliver (please be specific) and what exactly the activities you will do? How much is for salary and how much for each activity or campaign (if any).

Kartal (01:12 pm)

400 firo for the salary, I will do an activity every month, and I will cover the expenses of these activities myself as a token of my loyalty to firo

Our goal every month:

  1. Firo Turkey community managing social media accounts telegram, twitter etc.

  2. To increase interaction and awareness with events

  3. To activate the Turkish society, that is, to make the group active.

  4. Build a large community (this will take some time)

  5. To let existing firo holders know the specifications of Firo.

I will enlarge the firo Turkey community, but for this I need time and I need to progress steadily, many people do not know about the Firo Turkey group.

Kartal (01:28 pm)

I also aim to increase our viewership rate on Twitter with the works we will do. As the Turkish society, we can be a small community. The event we started 9 hours ago received over 1700 views. As I said, this job is not easy. patience, process and stability. It is a demanding job. I do not currently receive support from firo communities to increase interaction. I will also try to add Turkish subtitles to the videos on the firo YouTube channel, if I can, I can open a YouTube channel about it or change the name of an existing channel I will do my research on this. I look forward to your decision, I hope you will support me and make a positive decision.

26th Nov 2022

Rehrar Diego Salazar (06:43 am)

I would be willing to support one month for 400 Firo and see what you can accomplish in that time. The 400 Firo to be paid upon the completion of the month, obviously. Future proposals after that can be quarterly, with payments made after a month ends. Thoughts?

Rasikh Morani (06:44 am)

How big is our Turkish community?

Kartal (06:50 am)

Turkish community 126 people, our goal is too many. Sorry for typos. I want an opportunity from you so that more people know Firo. Turkey is an excellent market for crypto.

Rasikh Morani (07:03 am)

Ok, so I like Rehrar 's proposal, but at the same time I want to conserve funds. So, here’s my counter proposal based off Rehrar’s great idea. Arcadia funds the first 400 FIRO (we pay it to the CFC right now, and CFC distributes to Kartal on completion)— as a donation — and if it works out then we can vote on a continuation based off of Rehrar’s quarterly counter proposal. Let me know y’all’s thoughts! We would definitely need a deeper defined scope and deliverables to point to as well I assume.

Ryan Ape Firo Forever (11:51 am)

Oh, appreciate this, and yes, of course, it’s a great idea, congratulations Kartal. Please collect good data and evidence to help us make the decision for the upcoming quarterly proposal.

Kartal (03:34 pm)

Ok, thank you. I will work hard for it.

Firo Chan Reuben (04:11 pm)

I’ll amend the request to be one month trial and open it for funding.

Firo Chan Reuben (06:16 pm)

I have amended the proposal to become one month trial. Thanks, Rasikh for providing the funds personally!

27th Nov 2022

Kartal (09:17 pm)

I make visuals like this for Turkish society as an example to attract more people’s attention. How to Mine Firo (FIRO) with FiroPoW.

Fiend Ish (11:03 pm)

I wish you the best of luck!

Kartal (11:04 pm)

Thank you so much!

Quick recap:

@rasikhmorani @rehrar @Fiendish @nrsimha @sproxet @OhGodAGirl @RyanApeFiro

This proposal has turned into a one-month trial and with that, @rasikhmorani personally would provide the 400 Firo as a donation to kickstart this trial. Thank you.

Status changed from ‘Funding Required’ to ‘WIP’

Payment of 400.0 FIRO sent

Status changed from ‘WIP’ to ‘Completed’

Funding target changed from ‘400.0 FIRO’ to ‘1000.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘1000.0 FIRO’ to ‘1600.0 FIRO’