FCS Proposal - Firo Philippines (Community Management) Resume

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Firo Philippines (Community Management) Resume
  • Author: LukeFiro_PH
  • Proposal type: Miscellaneous
  • Link: click here

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Can we have a report from the author of the CFC proposal on what has been achieved in the time?

I think we do have to hold these CFC proposals to account and I think it should be a requisite that a report is developed for the community too read on the progress and what has been achieved in the time at the end of each batch of funding.

Does anyone agree?

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I mean if a proposal is accepted, I believe an update should be provided by the author before any new funding can be approved for the community to read and discuss.

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Like that he should keep track how many scam accounts he blocks or how many inappropriate messages he deletes?


Well just an overall idea on what the community in the Philippines is doing and how the community has grown or shrank, how active it has been, not a major report or anything but just a quick update on the firo forum or on the firo YouTube page

If CFC funds are used I just think their has to be some form of update just for accountability purposes etc


Yes, that would be nice.


Just for the reason that if the proposal is very successful and in this example if the community manager has done a very good job and grown the community there, then potentially the community could be in the position too decide too allocate more and/or increased funds to the proposal should the author request it or the same vice versa if the proposal hasn’t been successful

If the community does not have any form of update whether it’s provided in the forum or on the YouTube channel etc then it is hard for them
too discuss the funding too see if it is a good use of the funds or not.


This actually sounds like a good idea, especially when there are no clearly defined milestones. It should be proportional to funding levels though in my opinion.
So in the case of Luke, maybe just a very brief update considering he has his finger on the pulse regarding the Filipino community etc.


Yup Thanks! i do it manually, i dont use bot :smiley:

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Payment of 100.00555889 FIRO sent

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Received! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Monthly Report (June 16 - July 16, 2022)

Telegram Filipino link here>>> Telegram

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Twitter Filipino link here>>> Firo_PH Twitter

Thank you so much! :heart: :heart: :heart: