FCS Proposal - Firo Blockchain Research and Development for Ecosystem Growth

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Firo Blockchain Research and Development for Ecosystem Growth.
  • Author: vsnation
  • Proposal type: CFC
  • Link: click here

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Funding target changed from ‘85000.0 FIRO’ to ‘14500.0 FIRO’

I don’t think there is enough details in your proposal. What’s your name? What’s your education? Do you have links to other projects you have made? What’s your resume? References?

When you say you have experience making “tools”, what does this mean? When you say “make tools more user friendly”? What tools and how? Do you have an example of a new UI design in Figma for example? How will you do this exactly?

Find weak points, you mean a security audit?

This is all very vague


I also think there should be more information in the proposal.

“I propose to conduct a full ecosystem research to identify the weak points of existing blockchain tools and make them more user-friendly. I will also work on ecosystem growth by analysing the most needed developments to increase $FIRO coin utility, documentation for devs and privacy features. My proposal includes upgrading the @firo_tipbot to make it more useful for the community and connecting it to the Discord.”

In my opinion this description is too brief.

Just to chime in here that vsnation is not an unknown developer (See his Github here) and he was the one who built the Firo Telegram tipbot.

He’s been a big contributor to the Beam ecosystem that has been behind quite a few useful tools such as:

  • Beam tipbot (Telegram, Discord and Twitter)
  • beam4.me (atomic swaps private exchange)
  • Beampay ( payment processor)

Including a fully-fledged NFT game.

I personally think he would be a good contributor to building out Firo’s ecosystem as the core team has its hands full on building core stuff out with little outside bandwidth.

While I have no vote on the CFC, I think it would be an interesting proposal to fund on a trial basis at least. I do agree that the first few tasks beyond tip bot should be well defined to ensure expectations are aligned.


Hi @lightningdev,
I’m a geek and developer with huge experience in various blockchains. Each project I developed I call - a tool. The tool is something that is actively used by the user in order to get help to solve issues.
Everyone in the blockchain and every developer is solving issues to make user interaction easy and with few clicks. You can check my Twitter as well @vsnation_.

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I’m the expert in my area and in my order to make everything to optimize, solve, and increase user experience/engagement. I’m a community member. You can check my last work https://paysy.net - Zero-trust B2B Payment system that solves various problems that other PPs have.

I didn’t say you are not expert, but I guess if committee will be voting about this they would need to have more information. Maybe divide proposal into smaller one, or describe different tasks and milestones which it covers.

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Would you guys have the ability to build a wordpress payment plugin similar to MyCryptoCheckout? (skip the paying MyCryptoCheckout an annual fee, as ideally we would be service providers instead of paying 3rd parties)

Below is my previous thread on the idea to increase utility of crypto and at the same time promote Firo…

It makes sense. I already developed a custom plugin for Tilda that allows stores right on a website to pay in any crypto they want[paysy.net]. I want to work with the WordPress payment plugin as well, trying to research if they allow you to setup a custom plugin(not from the store) - it helps to avoid a lot of limits and gives all responsibilities to the website owner.

Wordpress isn’t a walled garden from what I can tell and many plugins are available from other sites that you can’t download directly from Wordpress. Also all WordPress items, such as plugins and themes, are licensed under a General Public License (GPL).

A woo-commerce checkout extension would probably be ideal.

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I think the general consensus from the Community Fund Committee chat is that while they’re not opposed to it, they would like a better idea of what you would build before committing to this.

Reuben just an idea. If possible it would be good imo if we can implement something like the below idea. Maybe we can ease some of the communities limitations with regards to development initiatives. i.e. I’m sure a lot of the community has ideas, but I imagine few of us can code them.

Imo I’d like the following ability for the community.

First create a Dev job board:

  • Community members can post an idea of what product/feature they want to see developed.
  • CFC can provide preliminary thoughts.
  • A dev can browse the board and offer a quote on ideas they can develop.
  • CFC can vote to fund.

Right now it seems we are limited to the services dev’s propose, rather than what the community really wants to see developed. It’s a little bit like the the cart is in front of the horse.

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I am also following sia community and I like how they evaluate that kind of proposal. Here is an example for the month of march Grants Program Update, March 2023 | by Steve | Mar, 2023 | The Sia Blog


Our first game idea had an interesting premise, but a lacking proposal. While the committee is open to reconsidering, the committee needed to better understand how Sia would be integrated, better budget justification, and a bit more detailed breakdown of the timeline and goals.

Its interresting. Project submiter need to explain what they will do, budget justification, detailed breakdown, timeline, etc.

I think this is what is missing a lot here with that proposal.


Yes, which is why I can’t vote in favor of this proposal in it’s current state.
Hopefully @vsnation will make a more specific proposal, ideally I’d like to see a payment plugin etc. at least Firo would be building supporting infrastructure.

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