FCS Proposal - Awareness Campaign About Firo Using Crew3 (Zealy.io)

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Awareness Campaign About Firo Using Crew3 (Zealy.io)
  • Author: Ecelps
  • Proposal type: Marketing
  • Link: click here

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Hello, I have read your request.
May I know what are the concrete (measurable) benefits over the three months and how do you quantify them please, thanks :wink:

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Hi. Thank you for taking your time in reading the proposal. Crew3 is using a tool to quantify the participants of the quests. You can check in there how many users followed the Firo’s twitter account and joined in the discord. Other than that, you can also check the active members of the community either per week, per month or per every 3 months. Everything about the participants and their activities can be seen in the analytics.

As to the measurable benefits, I will target a 30% to 50% increase of the community members in the social media will be achieved for 3 months. This also means an increase of the users of Firo’s products since there will be more awareness about the project.

Sorry but I forgot to add in the proposal that only the top 100 participants of the quests will be rewarded.

Note: I will abide all the rules and decisions set by the team. The team will send the reward to the participants.

Thank you for your swift and detailed reply. An increase of 30% would be good if they are interested in the coin and stay. What is your best guess as to the quality of the new community members based on the methods used … this is not quantifiable but your gut feeling would be useful.

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The market is very volatile so as the number of the users that believe in the project. I agree that I only based the increase on my gut feeling because I believe Firo as a project has a lot amd great potential. The utilities are there but people’s awareness about the project is lacking. Hence, I would like to use crew3 to inform people about Firo.

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I think its an initiative that worth the try. That could help to spread the word about firo. I think this is exactly what FCS is for :slight_smile:

Could we send them the coins each month instead of sending everything upfront? If we are very unhappy after 1 month, can it be stopped?

Its not that expensive compare to things like Hummingbot miner (10800 firo) : FCS - View proposal which target only 740+ users…

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Thank you for the feedback. But you can send the reward to the top 100 in the leaderboard after the activity in crew3. Meaning on the 3rd month. I am sorry for not making it clear in my explaination. I was thinking the team was aware on how crew3 works so I assume they knew that you can reward the participants after the contests. Sorry. My bad.

And whatever the team see best on how much will be the reward for the top 100, I will abide on it. If 2000 Firo is too much, you can adjust the reward as long as it will be attractive to the participants so they will join the activity.

The target here is to allow the participants to market Firo using different tasks.

And this is not exclusive to the Filipino community. Everyone in the space can participate.

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Latest CFC members’ feedback

25th June 2023

Devwarrior (08:02 pm)

I have asked a couple of questions and am happy with the idea. I think we should try it for 3 months. I question the cost and would ask those guys to revisit this.

Nrsimha (09:00 pm)

From what I have seen I am tending to vote ‘no’, but I am still waiting if somebody will give me some good reason to go for it.

Devwarrior (09:07 pm)

Here is my reasoning: If they can do it for say 333 FIRO and elicit response from at least Filipinos locally to them and raise awareness in the Philippines at least that would be worthwhile. Filipinos tend to remit coins from overseas, and coins. ph is available in some cases for fiat conversion.

Nrsimha (09:09 pm)

For 333 Firo it will be yes from me, but 2000 sounds too much.

Devwarrior (09:10 pm)

Well even 500

Kartal (09:14 pm)

Frankly, I found the price high. Can you provide detailed information to increase interaction in the community and for more people?

There is no clear explanation. But it can be tried by paying $150 a month.

As your elder knows, we don’t have a huge budget. Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency with the least budget. You can’t try someone’s performance by paying 3k dollars. You can be given 150 dollars in a 1-month period. In the report at the end of the month, its performance can be examined and decided. The current offer is too high I say no to this offer.

26th June 2023

Diego Salazar (02:49 am)


Fiend Ish (05:12 am)

I’m going to have to say nay to this proposal. I don’t think it will offer a good bang for buck in terms of value for Firo right now. Although it’s hard to gauge the level of a positive outcome as I’m not particularly familiar with the zealy.io platform.

From what I researched I’m not really a fan of lowish rent ‘pay to shill’ schemes. It seems akin to buying bots to shill for money. Not my cup of tea.

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Disabled’