FCS Proposal - Application for Community Moderator & Manager position

A new proposal has been posted to the Firo Crowdfunding System.

  • Title: Application for Community Moderator & Manager position.
  • Author: Philipallwell
  • Proposal type: Core
  • Link: click here

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Funding target changed from ‘200.0 FIRO’ to ‘250.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘250.0 FIRO’ to ‘200.0 FIRO’

Category changed from ‘Core’ to ‘CFC’

Funding target changed from ‘200.0 FIRO’ to ‘1000.0 FIRO’

Funding target changed from ‘1000.0 FIRO’ to ‘200.0 FIRO’

Philipallwell, thank you for your proposal.

As i understand Firo has already community manager, Lucas, who does very nice job. Can you please describe more what you want to do so I can understand it better?

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CFC members’ feedback

11th April 2023

Devwarrior (11:04 pm)

A prince of a guy. nicely spoken (written), but I think not.

Fiend Ish (11:53 pm)

It’s nay for me. From my perspective, the CFC is already spending enough budget on community managers/moderators. Also, I think this role should mostly be in the realm of volunteers. People who are part of the community only because they want to be. As @devwarrior said, seems nicely spoken, etc. but imo there isn’t a need.

Nrsimha (11:55 pm)

I had a question for him in the forum, to be sure I didn’t misunderstand, but if it is the same as Lucas, there is definitely no need as he is doing already a good job.

Latest update on this proposal

2 of the CFC members have voted against this proposal and @nrsimha is waiting for a response from Philipallwell in order to finalize his vote on this proposal.
Greatly appreciated for the remaining CFC members who have not voted yet to weigh in on their decisions. Thank you!

Voted NO:

  1. @devwarrior
  2. @Fiendish

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani
  2. @rehrar
  3. @sproxet
  4. @nrsimha

Don’t want to sound like crazy American, but just to clarify, “in order to finalize her vote”. I am man/male so for future you can use “his” instead

I would like to apologize for mistakenly using female pronouns. I will make sure it won’t happen again in the future. Much apologies.


Latest update

5 out of the 6 CFC members unanimously agreed that the current community manager is highly effective, and therefore, voted against the proposal. However, we want to thank you for your time and effort in presenting the proposal. Your dedication to improving our community is highly appreciated.

Voted NO:

  1. @devwarrior
  2. @Fiendish
  3. @nrsimha
  4. @sproxet
  5. @rehrar

Haven’t voted:

  1. @rasikhmorani

Status changed from ‘idea’ to ‘Disabled’