Extended Hummingbot Campaign!

Hey there FiroFam!

We have some fabulous news for you guys!
The Hummingbot liquidity mining campaign for Binance has been extended for another 12 weeks! The total reward pool up for grabs is $12,000 USD!
This campaign starts Sept 20th, 2022, at 12:00 AM UTC rewarding 183 Firo a week! HBOT bonus reward of 5,000 HBOT per week per pair!

Get started here: https://miner.hummingbot.io/

In the previous cmpaign the money was coming from Firo dev found and HummingBot.
This time, were is the money come from ?

This comes from the FIRO development fund. It’s 4000 USD/month.

It provides liquidity on Binance (without us having to come up with inventory).

They waived their fees for us so it’s a pure liquidity incentive for community to participate.

They also provide their HBOT tokens as a bonus.

Hummingbot/Coinalpha is also currently the market maker we use for Bitmart, Bittrex and Binance and they are granting us preferential rates.

We will see how it goes after this campaign end.

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