Electrum Ledger transaction failing

Hi there,
I already updated my Ledger app to 2.4.5. as describe here, but the send transaction continues to fail.

Can you please help.


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Scammer!! He is not from support!!

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We are investigating this issue.


I have also experienced an issue with the newest version of the Ledger software (2.4.5), when used in combination with Electrum; when attempting to open a wallet on the Ledger I got this error message:

Failed to decrypt using this hardware device.

If you use a passphrase, make sure it is correct

As a result I am not able to interact with a wallet address that I have been used to accessing in the same manner using earlier versions of both pieces of software.

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If you get this error, then just try the “Create New wallet” button . . .

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We have released version which should fix this issue.

Please backup your wallet before updating.

Thanks. This worked like a charm :sparkles: :+1: