Dumpprivkey command don't work like before (wallet v14)?

The “dumpprivkey” command (in the console) was working fine before, like the others wallets : after entering the wallet passphrase command and the time needed for the unlock wallet, “dumpprivkey” displayed the private key of the public address.
Now, the same command don’t display the private key, but a “one time autorisation code”.
How this code is working ?
How can I have my private key ?


dumpprivkey still works, but requires a OTAC to also be entered. So you’ll need to do this:

  1. Enter the full dumpprivkey command. The OTAC will be displayed.
  2. Enter the full dumpprivkey command again and add the OTAC to the end of the command.

Thank anvar : all works fine now with your explanations. I have my private key :-).