Do you want a Firo debit card?

Some of you expressed interest in a Firo debit card where you can load up with Firo and use it spend!

We do have an open offer with Crypto Wallet to do this but there is an integration fee of USD20,000 that also comes together with some marketing. We are seeing if we can get an instalment payment option as currently I am trying to conserve our core team funds for development so we can deliver Spark. This is a significant cost and would probably require community funding.

Is there anything you would like to know and any features you would like to see?

This would include integration into your Wallet+Exchange+Card which I guess is a similar model to without the token requirement.

The card product is estimated to come out end of September and I’m told it would be worldwide availability. It also comes with on and off ramp solutions that we can utilize in our own wallets via API.


I would use it. That is a pretty high fee though

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I would also be interested in a card, however I do not consider this high priority at the moment, more a nice to have for me. So if the funds can be spent elsewhere in a more meaningful manner I am all for that.

Some may remember that I made a mock up design of a Firo credit card and shared it in the TG chat just for the giggles. It would be cool if we could have our own branded card design.

I also hope that this can work with an Elysium stable coin in the future. That would be killer. :slight_smile:


if it will be big enough, i am agree to use community funds to it. But i leave it to community.

I remember when first launching and compare it to TenX. Listing fee was cheap. But today, i heard is too pricey. Better to entry first, before it become worldwide.

Its actually on the conservative side, some other providers quoted much higher.

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If it will be available for worldwide it will be nice.

It could be good first thing for community fund :slight_smile:


Is the service KYC?

If the service is no KYC, then it’ll work for me.

Same here, DashDirect card is supposed to be $1k per day non KYC.
I previously mentioned that maybe we could use Firo to do fast swaps to fill up a dash card?
However if this solution is non KYC, it doesn’t seem a bad deal tbh.


I’m kinda neutral about this & agree with the very first reply
It would be a nice thing to have, but I believe Spark is more important than this

To me - it’s whatever

This would’ve been very nice during the run itself since:

that also comes together with some marketing

So whatever you guys decide - I’ll support it :+1:

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Awesome. Into it if the funds are available - happy to wait to hedge bets towards keeping development funded if it’s a close call

For $20k, i see this as great marketing. I mean quite an expense in current market conditions but could reflect back onto the market. I really want one

Me too. This is definitely something I would use if fees are reasonable.

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This seems like a great marketing opportunity. However it must be integrated into marketing strategy and marketing budget. Also CW is asking for very specific and large integrating fee without offering specific information. Further negotiation on price and information is needed - buying into non-functioning project should carry discount.
If there is a clear marketing pathway and clear information about the CW services conditions, I’ll be happy to contribute and order the card :+1:

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Waoo that is not bad really. Both price wise + added value for the eco system.
On one hand i have so many cards now like / N26 / Nuri and some more so i’m not sure i will use another card heavily to be honest. Specially when CDC still gives some great benefit for another 6 month.
But for new people and commercial wise this is a huge deal i think. Promotion wise it can give more credibility to the project. Plus people can send their Firo to CDC wallet…
I really like it. I would still get the card as i love and support the project of course.

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I don`t think this is necessary. most already have a card, or others. just swap your FIRO into something you can top up your card and you are fine. It would make more sense to integrate swapping funktionality into mobile wallet, so you can do everything you need on your mobile.

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In my opinion:

  1. We don’t know if the product will work as promised since it is not launched yet.
  2. 20k is very small in crypto but it is a significant cost for us in todays condition.
  3. The cooperation should goes both ways; they need us we need them, because they have competitors. As we know got a lot of complaints due to reducing their cash back, it is not easy for them to get and retain customers, they need community support as well especially from the project that they support.

So, I think we can negotiate either it is for installment until we see the product works or something else.


There’s some uncertainty and they can only guarantee availability of the EEA region though they are working to get other regions. They are aiming for Asia market delivery to Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

It’s a bit of a bet of whether they would deliver but they do plan to up their prices once they have delivered more regions.

Also there is KYC, face + government ID.

Less attractive. Would rather just have the ability to do quick Dash swaps to top up a Dash card. At least then no KYC etc.

Maybe we also attract some Dash users…