Do you think Zcoin should be more transparent or more strategic? [Poll]

After reading this bullish blog on Zcoin’s price, the author accuses Zcoin’s COO, Reuben of being too honest and transparent.

"There are more fundamentals to this (I haven’t spoken about partnerships brewing and adoption for example). Potential investors should keep a close eye on social accounts run by their COO who knows no consideration of strategic new placement and just spurts out everything lukewarm (especially on the Telegram group). Also recommend his update videos on YT where he innocently speaks his mind. If you lurk on their Telegram channel you get the impression that they don’t really have any secrets. It’s quite perplexing… they never have any news that come out of nowhere. Maybe that’s where there are so few pumps. I’ll let you be the judge if that’s transparency or idiocy. "

What do you think of his opinion? We would love to get some feedback from the community on the matter. Feel free to comment below.

Do you think Zcoin should be transparent or more strategic?

  • Transparent
  • Strategic
  • Just keep doing what you’re doing

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Personally I like the transparency of Zcoin. As an hodler I want to know what I’m hodlering. I’m uncomfortable just sitting back and hoping for a surprise that will rise the price. Although I can understand the strategic argument. A pump in price (even if it’s short lived) is a huge advertising banner. When I see a pump for a coin, it’s enough to make me Google it to find out the cause.

I think they are giving the public enough information what is going on. Feels more involved in the process as a user.

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We need to more strategic. Go the Justin Sun or Roger Ver route in terms of marketing

The landscape in marketing a chain has evolved dramatically. Traditional NPOs tend to stick to an open concept alike Reuben’s current image towards the industry. No doubt it is extremely effective in diminishing proxy scams due to a high level of activity within the ZCoin team, the crypto in return will have a negative financial result due to transparency. Speculation is very difficult to be cooked up due to the lack of information control, anyone in the team can voice out his/her views and announce future plans (Even if it is a small feature) as and when he/she wants. This increases community engagement, but reduces speculation rates. It’s good to have some level of speculation in order to attract new interest.

Justin Sun by the way, explains normally, looked about him on YouTube)