Collateral issues

hello all,

I have tried 3 times now to set up my collateral address for a masternode.
when I send this command in the debug window evoznode outputs

I get a long string of numbers and letters ending with ": “0”
im assuming this mean it did not work

for context, I had more the the required 1000 firo and I did not check the subtract fees from the the transaction box. not sure what is going on here.

any help would be appreciated

Hey there,

Which wallet are you using? QT or Electron?
Is your collateral exactly 1000 Firo?
What’s the output of evoznode status on the VPS?

evoznode outputs: only shows your collateralHash and collateralIndex.

Im using the qt wallet. the collateral is 1000 exactly in one deposit. I have not checked the vps as I thought I needed to confirm that it was done correctly in the debug console.

I was planning on setting up the node on flux. but I was not sure if my collateral worked

On the VPS, do ./firo-cli evoznode status
if it was done correctly, the output will be

“state”: “READY”,
“status”: "Ready

Check on your QT wallet under Masternodes Tab.
You should able to see your masternode with the status “Enabled”

ok, thanks. I will try and spin up the flux node. what about the secret and public keys? is that after i setup the node?

so i tried to setup the node and it asks me for my key, I followed along. my wallet says this

I am so disappointed in flux&firo. How there is no information on this process is banana’s. there is nothing in the flux web os to to let me know what is going on. The wallet is just as useful.

It should be the public/secret key under section


of the masternode guide Firo masternode setup guide | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency

I put my public key into the registration field for the flux node, then paid the required flux to start the node. I have no idea now how to check if it is running

I also attempted to set up a node on flux … the only thing that went smooth was paying the flux LOL, after that I was dead in the water.
Gave up on it and back to one of the popular node hosting services.

Don’t be frustrated. Thank you for your queries. Should you need quick help from our community members, I suggest that you may head over to our Firo telegram or Discord Channel where, more members are active there. Hope you can get your problem addressed soon.

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