CFC Community Feedback

Hello there Firofam!

Due to recent discussions we’ve had on Discord and Telegram, it has been decided to make the ability to communicate to the CFC more readily available. This thread will be part of that, specifically for those who do not have Discord and Telegram, as well as providing a record of conversations that have been had. We will take anything you post from this thread, and repost it to the appropriate channel for the CFC, and we will be reposting relevant discussions from Telegram and Discord to this thread for you guys! This is a work in progress and will take some time to hone, so please be patient with the process. :slight_smile:


I think this is an excellent initiative.
The multiplication of networks is a waste of time.
Over the years, IT has known a multitude of networks, each with promises and hype.
The promises are not kept and the hype disappears, like the shitcons.
FIRO in its forum, for me, it is the network to communicate.