Can't Restore Wallet

Trying to restore wallet from seed on a QT wallet.
When I do this, the wallet has no Firo, no history. Looks like a new wallet.
When I replace a backed up wallet.dat file, it works.
The old wallet.dat makes the wallet look like an older version.

What’s going on here?

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Could you explain more on this part?

I would also recommend continuing in the other thread so it is more streamlined.

  1. Installed the QT Firo wallet (Didnt open it).
  2. Replaced default wallet.dat file with an old wallet.dat file I saved from a previous version.
  3. Opened the wallet, sync’d the wallet. Looks like an older version of a Firo wallet.
  4. Didn’t realize this until I installed a new QT wallet and saw what it looked like.

The wallet.dat is not related to the wallet UI. If you copied an old wallet.dat and you see an older interface, it is most likely you started an older firo-qt version.