Can not send Firo (RuntimeError(ProcessError: Encountered invalid prev_hash))


I have tried several times now to send Firo using “Firo Electrum”, and I keep getting this error. Think I have gotten it before, but it worked when I used other outputs, tried all different outputs. new coins, old coins etc. Can not send no matter what I do.


It’s the same issue as here: Masternode reward got stuck in Trezor Electrum Wallet. · Issue #9 · firoorg/electrum-firo · GitHub

I was finally able to send Firo, but the only way I can do it with Trezor, is if I manually select 2-3 outputs, and then send a small amount at a time…

This is not very user friendly.

We will try to have a look at it but no development bandwidth available at this time.

I have the same issue, I tracked it down to being a 3.125 masternode reward payout that gives me that error whenever those coins happen to be selected.
The “fix” is to freeze those coins.

Over time I’ve now accumulated 3 of those trouble-makers that I’ll need to keep frozen until there’s a fix to use/spend them.

This is on firo electrum, connected to a Trezor … same issue on Mac as on Windows

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That’s the same situation I find myself in. I think this is a huge bug that’s existed now for years. I mean, money/FIRO that can not be spent is essentially worthless.

I now have accumulated 15 masternode rewards that I need to keep frozen or I get the invalid prev_hash when trying to send firo.

Some rewards I can spend just fine, others (lately most) are throwing that error … I’ve now updated my payout address to one outside of electrum.

If somebody ever figures out how to get such masternode rewards out of electrum, please post here :slight_smile: