Can I change Znode ownerAddress and votingAddress or payoutAddress after migration?

I have paid hosting and just followed their migration assistant through the steps and left the address the same.
I then read the guide and realized I was supposed to make and change to the new addresses for each masternode for owner/votingAddress and payoutAddress.
The migration was easy, but I wish I read the guide first.

What can I do now?

It states the addresses can’t be the same as it will not work.

I have generated new addresses and have all the info for each Znode, but not sure what to do to make changes. Thanks in advance.

I found that the migration by Allnodes filled in the owner addresses automatically.
At a later point I will be able to change payoutAddress, but for now it still pays to same address. No problem.

The owner address and voting address are filled automatically with the allnode migration assistant, ok.
No problem for the payout (it is a personnal address), but what will be the consequences of not being the owner of the owner and voting addresses (allnode will participate in the votes in place of the owners of masternodes and something else, any risk…) ?

The PayOut address and collateral address can be the same : it is not the best for the privacy, but they can be the same and it will works.

To change your PayOut address in the allnode hosting services (it will be possible only after the HardFork, very soon now), follow these steps :

  • go to the monitoring screen,
  • click on the collateral address of the masternode you want to change the PayOut address,
  • a contextual menu will appear,
  • in this contextual menu, choose the line “Payee” and at right the buttom “Change”.
    That’s it : very simple !