Calling all miners: help benchmark FiroMiner for ProgPOW

Requirements: 4GB of VRAM

  1. Download the miner from:

  2. Start the miner with firominer.exe -Z 400000

  3. Report back with hashrate and card model (screenshots if you want)

This miner is for benchmarking only. It will not run on mainnet or testnet.


Benchmark results:

3090: 48 Mh/s
3080 Ti: 47 Mh/s
3080: 42 Mh/s
3060 Ti LHR: 25 Mh/s
3060: 39.5 Mh/s
2080 Ti: 33.6 Mh/s
2070 Super: 22.7 Mh/s
2060: 16.7 Mh/s
1660 Ti: 13.9 Mh/s
1080 Ti: 21 Mh/s
1070 Ti: 13 Mh/s
1060 6GB: 9.5 Mh/s

RX 480: 5.4 Mh/s


Du u have the power use of those?

These are my results. but can’t get it to connect to a pool, only get error messages.

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What pool are you testing on? Wasn’t aware there was one up

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I wanted to test it, but in that case there is no pool at all yet. On github it reads that you could.

Gainward RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Phoenix GS (Watercooled) -reference card design (260W stock bios)

33 Mh – Stock
37.1 Mh – Overclocked +145 Core + 600 Mem - limit TDP 85% (220W)
39Mh – Overclocked +145 Core + 600 Mem - 100% TDP (260W)

No matter what i do (rising power limit to 120% and Voltage +20%) it will not pass 39.1 Mh. Some cards like MSI Trio and Zotac AMP can do a lot better cos they power limit is around 330 - 360W .
Anyway efficiency drops hard after 85% TDP as always in mining. I can not compare this with MTP so i do not know will this be better than currently around 5.6 on MTP i matter of rewards.

Forgot to mention, i would really like to see temps and power in miner.
One more note, boost your (GPU)memory will get you aprox +2Mh.