Bring FIRO to


I think FIRO should get a place on

It’s free and FIRO can be exposed to more audience.

Marketsquare is like a market place where you can can advertise and offer products/plugins.

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they even make videos for other projects for free

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Color me intrigued - not that I speak for the team at all, but what’s the catch? How do they make money?

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Marketsquare is a part of ARK ecosystem
Here is their youtube channel

Basically they want to connect other projects together partially via Marketsquare to bring more value to their ecosystem. The ARK blockchain have the smartbridge for interoperability as well.

Looks interesting! Will dive into it deeper.

We can integrate FIRO into their multi-currency wallet Payvo also.

ARK Docs

They will open a DEX within the wallet as well.