Binance has re-enabled trading for Firo in the EU?

In May 2023, Binance made Firo and some other privacy coins unavailable in 4 European countries, France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Recently some community members in Telegram reported that they are now able to trade FIRO in Poland and France. Could anyone in Spain and Italy confirm that FIRO is now available for trading there?

It is curious that no announcement has been made by Binance on this though it maybe because that although now Firo is compliant with their new regulations imposed by regulators they also don’t want to bring unnecessary heat on the matter which is also understandable.


great news keep up the adoption and try to use SimpleX instead of Telegram for better privacy

Yeah I am on Simplex though not to concerned on the privacy when it’s a public group I suppose.

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cool it will be a good practice for others to adopt privacy tools and firo can advocate for spark-2-spark transaction ecosystem

and the firo privacy culture will grow more

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It was added again (Sweden). Great work to make this happen!
About announcement, it could also be Firo is lowcap sadly. So damn undevalued.


This is good news

Confirmed that FIRO is now available again on Binance in Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Sweden.