Are you ready to start the “FiroLatam” community?

Latin America has more than 600 million inhabitants, of which 400 million are Spanish-speaking, the rest speak Portuguese, French and other native languages. The proposal is to “start the FiroLatam community” in Spanish, on the social network “X” (formerly Twitter). Later, other social networks can be incorporated such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Telegram… and if we have the technical and human team we could incorporate Tik-Tok and YouTube… (For the Spanish-speaking community).

Note: in reality it would be “FiroHispano” because the appropriate term would be Hispanoamerica which: “is a cultural region made up of the countries of America where Spanish is mostly spoken. Its name is Hispanic American… It is currently made up of nineteen countries that have a total population of more than 400 million inhabitants. In most of them, Spanish is the official or co-official language. In several countries, Spanish exists alongside various indigenous languages of pre-Hispanic origin, such as Guaraní, Aymara, Quechua, Nahuatl, or Mayan… (According to Wikipedia data).

That is at the discretion of the community. I have referred to the term “FiroLatam” because there are already communities, large communities, in this area, in which Firo can also join to surf the wave and take advantage of an organic positioning with this momentum. The idea is to make it simple and understandable for everyone, while making the project known to as many people as possible (in the Spanish-speaking community in this particular case).

To carry out this task I propose myself as community manager, for “FiroLatam”, I will be happy to do this as a collaborator without this meaning any financial expense for the project. It would be my grain of sand to help the project continue to grow. If this proposal is accepted and someone else wishes to accompany this task as a collaborator, they will be welcome.


  1. The time I can dedicate to this work, my work is 24 hours and I am free 48 hours, which I can dedicate entirely to the community. However, I can partially occupy myself, to retweet, respond to messages and comments during the 24 hours of work. Also, if information comes up, I might post a little late during that day if necessary, as my work allows. In reality we are talking about 14 hours a day and a little less when I am at work.

  2. I only speak Spanish.

  3. Although I must learn a lot about Firo (and cryptocurrencies in general), I have good retention, but the support and advice of team members on each topic will be required, as well as direct contact to manage first-hand information , which will allow the community to be kept updated in a prompt and timely manner.

  4. The translation of the material prepared by “vosto” may generate additional costs for the project. Perhaps “vosto” can offer two versions of each material delivered (English and Spanish) without adding additional cost (it would be a topic to discuss with him). I could do the translation with the model but I don’t have the necessary tool, if I install Photoshop or something my dinosaur explodes.

Why me? Because I have a degree in social communication, with 5 years of experience as a community manager in the official accounts of the Navy of my country, I currently work as a Heritage Guard, I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and I have taken the initiative to be an active part of this great community. Plus it will be a win-win relationship. You gain an experienced community manager at no cost and I gain more experience and the prestige of accompanying you as an active member of the community.

I have a second proposal, but I do not want to mix them, because I do not want it to be seen as an obligation to approve or disapprove both together, since the second does require requesting funds from the FCS, so it must be properly presented for analysis. That is why I would prefer that each one be analyzed individually.


Hi @jlrmedina!

Welcome to the Firo community and thank you for your detailed post!

Latam coverage is a great idea and one that we are lacking!

Would like to know what attracted you to the project and how it aligns with your ideals!

Also if you had any specific plans on getting the Latam community started.

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Welcome, brother
It’s great to have new regions involved, and the firo community needs to reach out to more people and let people in more regions know the importance of privacy

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As many know, there are nations in the world that are blocked by their government systems, my country is one of them. This leads governments and their citizens to look for alternatives to carry out commercial exchanges, obtain financing, access stable, secure currencies and, above all, privacy currencies, to avoid the blocking of accounts and transactions.

Looking for alternatives to develop a business idea, I read Firo. Researching Firo, knowing its history, entering the forum and seeing the philosophy with which you carry out the project has hooked me. That’s how I got into the community, helped by the fact that I’m attracted to everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies in general.

That you focus on the strength and stability of the code, its development and constant improvement, much more than on the price of the currency, that speaks of the seriousness with which you work. That you keep your income below the threshold by maintaining your philosophy is truly enviable. That the CEO and the team attend to the concerns of the community members, treat them like any other person and argue each of their approaches, makes this project great, beyond the millions that could be generated if Firo were like existing projects.

The fact that you put the community before profits makes it very solid, even though in times of storm everyone trembles with fear at the possibility of a total debacle. All of this has motivated me to stay here, to want to learn more about this project and take the initiative to contribute something of value as an active member of the community.

I thought about opening the Firo account for Latin America, to talk about Firo and post everything related to the project from there, as a personal initiative. I have seen the acceptance that BinanceLatam has had in the region, and despite the differences, I thought that it is an area that Firo has not reached. But I didn’t know whether it was right to start a community on my own. I also thought that if I offered my collaboration, I could learn more, document myself, get scoops for the community and be a source of official information about the project.

In relation to a plan, rather the idea was, at first, to start “FiroLatam”, on its own initiative, on the social network “X” (formerly Twitter), to make at least 3 weekly publications, with educational topics, about the history of Firo, what is Firo, how it works, where to buy, how to do it, price. As well as highlighting the news that could be generated, that the team is working on, making it easy to digest for all of us who in one way or another know little about cryptocurrencies.

However, I thought that if I offered my collaboration, I could obtain the needs of the community and, in relation to these needs, develop a work plan according to what was required. Why do it this way? Well, with the support of the team, you could be advised on each topic, you would obtain information that, if it came from another source, could be altered, biased, falsified, distorted. It would have first-hand information for the community, it would become an official account, whose treatment would be different than if it was done privately. In short, it would have much more advantage for everyone.


That’s a good idea and I think can be worked into the existing framework where Firo community members can start up Firo branded social channels for different regions and while the core team doesn’t get too involved in its running, we can provide clarification and feedback to ensure that they are factually accurate and that it does not damage the brand.

I would greatly like to see expansion into the LATAM region as I do think it’s a place where people actually need it.

One particular story that really touched me was during the Venezuela inflation crisis, some Venezuelans had DMed me informing me that they had a GPU mining rig that was mining FIRO and supporting a good part of their family needs.

Existing graphics from our official socials can be reused and repatterned for community use of course.


very good, then we can start the FiroLatam community to start spreading Firo throughout the Latin region. Let’s hope that Firo is well accepted and that this community serves to provide greater scope to the project.

What you said is true, in Venezuela cryptocurrencies have boomed due to the crisis. However, and although language and technological barriers no longer represent a problem, thanks to advances in information and communication technologies, they still represent an obstacle to overcome for many citizens. If we manage to make it easy to use Firo and make it everyday, more and more users will join the community throughout the Latin American region.

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What has been promised is debt. Yesterday the FIRO community for Latin America was created. I hope that this initiative can contribute to the growth of FIRO.


See the community account, but did not see any related publicity, at present, the account does not have a message, you can publish the relevant information, firo official account has been forwarding propaganda.

Hello guys, I apologize, I have problems with my internet provider, until I resolve this situation I will not be able to manage the account.