Android wallet restore with Mnemonic but funds are lost and no history looks like new

Hello i had on my android Firo mobile wallet v0.1.19 i have received a few transfer from my Trust Wallet and funds were anonymised automaticaly. On last 2 transaction i saw that transfer status was “completed” but balance was not changing so i decided to backup my mnemonic, delete wallet and reinstall the app. After backup and mobile wallet delete/reinstall my wallet looks like new and has no history. I checked Mnemonic 50 times and i’m 100% sure it is correct, i have it printed on paper and even a screenshot so i make no mistake. To me it seems like all “anonimised” funds sent to lelantus just dissapeared. Pls help me get my coins back.


It also happened to my friend abc, he lost 600 FIRO.

There is Firo Public Tech Support group on Telegram (Telegram: Contact @firosupport).
Try to ask there, they are always very helpful.

You could also try to recover wallet with mnemonic in Desktop wallets.

[And warning: If somebody will send you private message offering help (or pretending to be admin, as Firo admins will never write you private message first) be careful as they are most likely trying to scam you.]

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If that happened, did he try to ask in Firo Public Support group on Telegram?

His English is poor. He copied the mnemonic twice and was sure it was correct. But there is no transaction history whether using Firo QT wallet or Trust Wallet after recovery.

You can try to help your friend with translation from/into English as your English seems good.

Did you crosscheck against the BIP39 wordlist just in case of any spelling or regional differences?

Have you ever tested your mnemonic before?

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Same here i lost 2410 Firo, 24 words Mnemonic does not work on QT Wallet or Electron and if i restore with Electrum by selecting BIP39 i do not see the same adresses that were used to receive my coins even if recovery phrase is 100% corect. If i try to import transaction ID ( i have them all in my trust wallet ) it tells me that transaction is not associated with my wallet. I will try also Telegram group but it looks to me like an Android Wallet bug or scam. Before using this wallet i bought a brand new phone who has only this wallet installed no other apps just to make sure nobody can steal my coins. To answer another question here " NO i did not try to recover my wallet using Mnemonic before deleting the app" . I trusted the Firo network but i think it was better to transfer all coins before reinstall.

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I made a crosscheck agains the BIP39 worlist now and all are correct and NO i did not test mnemonic recovery before reinstalling the android app.

When you say the 24 words mnemonic does not work, do you mean you don’t see anything or it doesn’t accept it?

QT wallet gives me message " Something went wrong. Please try again ".

Electron Wallet - OK button is not enabled after entering the 24 word phrase.

On Firo Electrum recovery phrase works but i get an empty wallet with different adresses than the ones i used for deposit my coins. I have tracking off all transactions and all payments sent to that wallet, i can make you a list with all receiveing adresses.

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If both QT and Electron are giving you those errors then the mnemonic you entered failed the check, most likely because it is invalid. This can happen if the mnemonic wasn’t written down correctly, which is why testing it is essential early on.

Also dobule-check similar sounding words from the BIP39 list, e.g. about vs above just in case.

I will check again but it is impossible to go wrong because i made screenshoot from phone display and printed it. Also it one word is wrong phrase is not accepted by android wallet.
I suspect this problem/bug because it also happend on PC , after you create a wallet you cannot overwrite it.
When i created my wallet i hit “create wallet” and then go back an again “create wallet” 3-4 times until i got a passphrase with words that i liked. Maybe android wallet has a bug and after you click once on create wallet you cannot go back and ask for another passphrase.
Possible bug 2 - i saved and labeled 5 adresses used for receiving , maybe after saving and requesting for new ones it creates a new wallet to get more adresses.
Only reuben can investigate what happend i will provide him all details.

The last time I saw some one with a similar issue it was because they wrote down the words in columns and when they read them back they read line-by-line - the order must be exact.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
written as:
1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9
read back as:
1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 (this is wrong).
Double check the order you wrote them in … good luck.


I have a phone print screen with my mnemonic before restore and after restore. Order is exactly the same.
I read/write them line by line not by column.
Line 1 : word1, word2, word3, word4,word5,
Line 2: word 6, word7 etc

When i created to wallet i made prinscreen from phone display and printed it on my wifiprinter, no human error possible.
I will keep trying… and also wait for your help/sugestions. Thank you !

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Just to update the situation, I’ve been in contact with @adfiro and his mnemonics could not be restored as he misspelled one of the words so there’s no issue with the mnemonics.

After he restored it correctly with the mnemonics all his funds were there. However there were some cases where not all of the Lelantus mints were shown in the mobile wallet after restoration (in both official and Campfire versions), though in his latest restoration, it showed the entire balance. We’re investigating this issue as most likely a small bug as no funds are lost and were also correctly identified in a desktop restoration.


Thank you @reuben for your support. I refused to accept that i’m wrong but my mnemonics had the word “coffee” and i was using “coffe” with only one “e” letter.
It all looked perfect but it was not. I have recovered my wallet and all my funds. If this situation came up on any other coin or platform i’m 100% sure that my funds were lost. Reuben and entire Firo team are doing a great job and i will continue to support Firo and invest in this project.
Thank you all for your help.


Nice, keep it up.

Just want to point out that this is an example of a really bad UI. Even tech savvy users, as here, struggle because of poor design. In both examples this could have been easily solved by a simple error message that clearly explained the issue. But the developers have not coded proper error messages or handled edge cases properly.

  1. The QT Wallet only says “Something went wrong”, this is a pointless and really bad error message. It should have said “one of the words you typed does not exist in the list of valid seed phrase words, please check the spelling”. Or even better, it should have pointed out exactly what word was misspelled. Programming this is super easy, you simply check if a word exist in a list of 2048 words. That is it. It takes 5 minutes to implement this.

  2. Electron wallet, what happened here is even worse. Here all input is accepted and you get no feedback. So there isn’t even a hint that something is wrong.

This is the kind of things that hold crypto back. We are still in the phase where only IT people can use crypto.


Good points and will be rectified shortly :slight_smile:

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