Alphaday Proposal to Build Community Dashboard

Alphaday Proposal

Project Introduction

  • Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. i.e. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, TVL, borrowing rates and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.
  • Market research we conducted in 2021 concluded that crypto users are overwhelmed with information and spend a lot of time jumping from one news source to another, from one social site to another, and usually have dozens of tabs open to stay up to date with everything happening in a community.
  • We would like to create a Firo ecosystem dashboard that aggregates the following information into a single community dashboard:
  • The latest Firo official announcements and blog post content

  • A feed of all news mentions of Firo from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet

  • A calendar containing all Firo events including Firo Governance votes, meetups, hackathons with Firo bounties, AMAs

  • Podcast feed containing the latest appearances and interviews given by Firo team members

  • Youtube stream containing educational Firo content.

  • Firo Github Repository

  • Integration with Firo Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics

  • Discord & Telegram Integration to show a feed of latest discussions

  • FAQ, Whitepaper, FIRO tokenomics information

  • Firo Careers integration to show the latest open jobs listed

  • Firo Developer Center

  • A widget featuring the Firo roadmap with all the descriptions and links included

-Firo key Team Members

  • Widgets dedicated to Firo Research and Academic Papers

Team Members

  • My name is Paris and I work in Partnerships and Business Development at Alphaday. Alphaday’s co-founder is Deniz Omer, he has been involved in the Ethereum space since early 2016 and joined Kyber Network in 2017 as Head of Ecosystem Growth before quitting to start Alphaday full-time in 2021. He previously worked at Thomson Reuters for a decade building financial products that rivaled the Bloomberg Terminal. He is also currently a Venture Partner at IOSG.VC

  • His co-founder Felipe has also been involved in Ethereum since 2016 and was a Developer Advocate at Pegasys and Consensys before quitting to work full time on Alphaday.

  • Alphaday’s third co-founder is DeFiDude who used to be a community manager at both Aave and Kyber Network before co-founding Alphaday.

Legal Structure

Legal Name: Alphabox Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Entity Type:

Registered Address:

Address: North Canal Road

City: Singapore

State: Singapore

Zip: 059294


• We should be able to build and deploy the above dashboard within 2 months so if this grant is approved we want to launch the Firo dashboard by April 2023. We will require 1,200 USD upfront costs for development including integrating the discussion forums, blog post, social feed, jobs listing and academic papers.

• 120 USD per month for 12 months for maintenance including having an Alphaday content analyst quality-checking the dashboard every day and ensuring the Calendar widget is up-to-date with latest Firo events, all news mentions across the internet are captured by the dashboard, any updates not automatically captured by the Alphaday aggregator engine is manually added to the board, and other maintenance tasks.

Future Plan

Once we’ve launched the board, we will do user interviews and feedback sessions to tune the dashboard. We will continue this process of iterating, deploying, and collecting feedback continuously to build a dashboard that Firo stakeholders truly love to use.

Additional Information

Link to Alphaday deck:

Email Address: [email protected]

Telegram handle: @Denizined

Discord name: Deniz | Alphaday#0697

Twitter handle: @DenizOmer


Is there already online dashboard on your platform for some other project, so we can see how it looks?

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This is pretty interesting!
So it’s 1200 USD upfront and then 120x12?

What’s the current userbase of Alphaday?

Can test it out here:


This is amazing!
It even has a learning tab to keep that organized!

This looks very interesting.
In order to evaluate this proposal properly I would need a couple pieces of information.
What is the current user base numbers as well as the numbers for previous years (or months).
This can give us some insight into future growth potential and value of the proposal.

At face value, I like this proposal.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

@Fiendish regarding user base, we launched our beta in August to 500 MAU, since then we’ve grown MAU 500->1,200->2,100->2,500->2,900->7,300 month-on-month and we’re currently on-track to pass 10k MAU in February and this is without a big marketing push. We expect growth to accelerate significantly March onwards because we have agreements with Avalanche, Dfinity, Aave, Zcash and a few other projects to launch boards for their communities.

@reuben yep, we’re asking for 1,200 USD upfront to cover initial board building and deployment costs (our costs are actually higher but we’re happy to subsidize these costs early on in our lifecycle) and then 120USD per month for the next 12 months but we’re flexible and could receive the 12x120 at the end of the 12 month period to avoid your treasury having to make monthly payments.

nrsimha have a look at our Arbitrum board here:

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.

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Hey @Deniz_Alphaday , thank you very much for the user growth data.

Just one other thing, do you plan on being ad supported at any point?

The reason I ask is that as new significant protocol upgrades happen to Firo. It would be nice to have the ability to inform the wider crypto community of the new features etc.
Banner ads etc. maybe a good solution for various crypto projects.

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Great suggestion and we’re actually thinking of implementing ad support (ie. something like featured widgets or an ad widget) probably Q2 or Q3 onwards, we thought we’d focus on getting good product-market fit first before thinking of monetization options like ads. Another tool we can implement is the Alert feature where if you as the Firo team want to push out an announcement to your community (ie. to Alphaday Firo board members/subscribers) they get an in-app alert or a browser alert regarding the announcement.


Sounds awesome :ok_hand:

Question: would it be possible to integrate allnodes data to track personal master node via the dashboard?

That would be an awesome feature to integrate but in the short term (next 4-6 months at least) due to our long dev backlog we won’t be able to start work on this.

Hi everyone, hope you’re all good.

I wanted to ask if there’s any more feedback on our proposal.

Hi Deniz.

I really liked the proposal and it was a very close vote, but I’m sad to say it didn’t pass the CFC member vote.

Thank you for entering your proposal for consideration.

@sproxet @Fiendish @rasikhmorani @rehrar @RyanApeFiro @OhGodAGirl @nrsimha

The CFC members have voted on the Alphaday Proposal to Build Community Dashboard as follows:

Out of the 7 CFC members,

3 voted Aye:

4 voted Nay:

As the majority of the CFC have voted nay, this proposal has not passed in the CFC. I overlooked this when I was catching up on CFC rulings, and for that I am sorry. Thank you for your patience!

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Thank you for the update and no worries on the vote outcome. Wishing your project all the best!


SIA community has approve Alphaday proposal on last december. It would be interresting to see the outcome of this : Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI - Grants - Sia Forum

March monthly report : Grants Program Update, March 2023 | by Steve | Mar, 2023 | The Sia Blog



Alphaday is 99% complete, and the committee has been seeing internal versions prior to release. This will likely be our first fully complete grant.